Twin Senior Session…Double The Fabness

double vision…
I love the multi use of furniture in fields!  Add in two gorgeous twin senior girls and you have major style points going on!  This submission is from doubly talented Stacy Green from Stacy Green Photography we absolutely adore her work!  She had a wonderful time working with these girls because they “had lots of ideas and were game to wander around the area finding spots that were amazing.”

A beautiful field is enough right?  No not if you are Stacy!  She takes the vision one step beyond by creating a unique space within the setting.  She dragged “furniture into the oddest places.”

Again, style points to Stacy for keeping it unique and also making sure that the twins expressed their own individual style and self.  Stacy felt that “their personal style is evident even though they are featured with each other in the photos.”

Thank you Stacy for utilizing the beauty of your surroundings!  I love it when photographers jump out of the comfort zone of the box!



Indianapolis Senior PhotographerIndianapolis Senior Photographer