The Kitchen Sink Workshop…6 months after

It is time to update everyone where I am 6 months after Amanda Holloway’s Kitchen Sink Workshop.  My mind is still coming up with ideas from all that I learned.  I have an extensive list of things to change, but I have started implementing some of these things.

I also feel it is important to give credit where credit is due.  I tell people I went to this workshop because I feel strongly about the value of it.  I will be honest, my business would not be moving forward as smoothly without implementing the tools Amanda gives you.  It is called the Kitchen Sink Workshop for a reason.  She does not hold back and answers all of your questions.

Here is what I have noticed 6 months after…

I am a more confident photographer.  I feel that has spilled over into other parts of my business.  I am owning who I am.  I am not just Vickie Black (after thought) photographer…I am Vickie Black PHOTOGRAPHER.  I do not shy away from promoting my business.  I do not let the you are not good enough voice get in my way anymore.  Maybe I am not yet by others standards, but each time I pick up my camera I am getting better.

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In the past, I would be guilty of worrying about other photographers around me who were significantly cheaper.  Over the years I had done a better job of silencing that voice in my head.  However, I realize that after this workshop I quit thinking about it all together.  The voice was no longer present.  Who cares if xyz photographer is basically paying their clients to photograph them?  I am not about that.  It is none of my concern.  The people who utilize them over me were not my client.  There are more clients in the area than all of us combined can serve.  So I will stick with my ideal target client, thank you!   It is when all is silenced and you can look inward and focus on you that you start to grow.

I am more confident posing my clients.  Before the KSW, posing was a challenge.  Like a “ok I am out of ideas, what do I do with them there is still another hour!”  I feel more at ease.  I have slowed down, and I think more clearly on photo shoots because of it.  My clients expect me to know what to do with them.  They do not naturally wake up and know exactly how to move their body into the perfect pose for them.

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I have hired a stylist.  I already had two wonderful makeup artists, but I added a stylist to do my clients hair and accompany them on the session.  This is currently ala carte but the clients who have utilized it loved it!  Not only did they get different looks with their outfits, but they didn’t have to worry about their hair at all during the session.  No one in my area offers this so it helps to set me apart.

I no longer overshoot!  How many images do you take during a normal two hour senior session?  Yeah I know it hurts to say it aloud!  In fact, before the KSW the number was ridiculous.  I try to not take more than 100 frames.  Have there been sessions since the KSWwhere I have? Yes, and do you know how frazzled I felt during the session as a result?  I will fall of the wagon from time to time but quickly realize where I need to be.  Slow and steady wins the race.  And remember it is about working smarter, not harder!

I also hired a designer to create a look book for my clients.  The end result was 92 pages of amazing information that I did not realize I had to give to my clients.  They love it and when it is time for their pre session consult they are better prepared as a result.  One of the best investments I have made so far for my business.


Have my sales increased?  YES!  My average before attending the KSW was $950.  After the KSW my average is now $1250.  And do you want to know the kicker of all this?  I did NOT raise my prices.   Will my prices go up?  Yes in a sense.  I will be adding in one or two more collections to encompass some the new pricing strategies which will be more expensive.  These new additions will also be full of value for my clients.  It is all about making it work for your market.  And that is what is important.  I am growing with my market at my pace.  Luckily, I have to the tools to accomplish this thanks to the KSW!

I also have not seen a reduction in booking.  In fact, I have seen more interest in my photography and I am reaching more markets currently.  This is a total win win!

If you are serious about senior photography, I highly recommend The Kitchen Sink Workshop.  I have had several photographers message me in the last 6 months asking.  So if you have more questions, feel free to email or fb message me!

I will be posting my review one year after the KSW in June and I can’t wait to tell you how my business has evolved further!





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  1. LOVE this idea!! Great idea to document the journey!!! Can’t wait to see the next installment! Amanda and the KSW are wonderful and I am so very thankful also for having gone and taken her class! So much information!

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