Fashion Guide: Say Yes To Summer Fruits!

Summer fruit prints are ALL THE RAGE so today I’m going to talk about incorporating them into your sessions.  If your client is more understated you can still pair a bold print with the right outfit and accessories and feel casual enough to be comfortable yet stylish enough for photos. The trick to making fruit […]

Style Guide to Summer Festival Looks

Hey everyone! Lacey M. Carroll here again to give some insight into what looks are heating up as the summer music festivals kick into full swing. Let’s remember what and who your teens and seniors are following on Instagram, from the Jenner’s to the Hadid’s and influencers galore, every single one of those social media […]

Spring 2018 – Translating Trends on the Runway to Teens & Seniors

Hi there, I’m Lacey of Lacey M. Carroll Photography, and I’m Senior Style Guides new resident Fashion Blogger! I am super excited to share some fun trends that I am seeing in the fashion world. I am not only a Teen & Senior photographer but I am also a Wardrobe stylist and I am lucky […]

Loving Our Selfies- One Foot in Front of the Other

It’s the time of year I start to FREAK OUT clients won’t book. I do this every year. Anyone else with me? After moving twice in the last four years, it’s challenging to build business up enough to have confidence my schedule will not only fill up, but clients will be knocking down my door […]

ShutterChic: Wearable Festival Style

I don’t know about you, but my social media is FLOODED with fashion and celebs from Coachella, the desert music festival that everyone wants to go to!  I’m obsessed with all the looks, even the ones I know I could never pull off.  When I shop, I see nods to festival style everywhere, but the […]