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Something New is here. The SSG Insiders. Rewarding Our Members!

  • FREE Digital Magazines EVERY Month
  • FREE Product
  • Insider Only LIVE Chats With Educators
  • $9.99 Per Month

Wait Where Did This Come From…?

I received a message a few months ago from one of our community members with an idea. Why not have some of our products and services bundled so they arrive directly in our inbox each month?

This is how ideas are born. Open discussions amongst creatives. It provides you with the unexpected.

As An SSG Insider…Here is what you can expect…

A Digital Magazine each month. Senior Style Guide is released 7 times a year. And NOW, On the months that there is not an issue of Senior Style Guide, you will receive either Modern Teen Style or Modern Capture magazine. So EVERY month you will receive an industry related magazine.

LIVE scheduled chats with community members who have expressed a strong desire to teach and who have something to say! I am a firm believer that there is more than one way to do something and each of our speakers has something to teach you! SSG Insiders will receive links to a live chats with educators. Participate in Q and A’s. Topics like SEO, Studio, Marketing, Senior Reps, General Education and more!

Wait…there is more?

Free Product each month! YES! Each month our SSG Insiders will receive a product! This can take the form of guides, service trials and more. We have some fun items lined up for 2019 from some very generousĀ vendorsĀ and educators!

And it is only $9.99 a month?

YES! If you do a quick calculation, digital magazines run $15-$25 an issue. This is a HUGE savings. Now add in the exclusive Insider LIVE chats and products and you have quite the perk for being an Insider!

Ready to try it out?

SSG Insiders launches June 1st. Sign up before June 1st,  and you will receive the last two digital issues of Senior Style Guide magazine to hold you over until the official launch date on June 1st. To join SSG Insiders hit the button below!

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Do You Have Something To Say?

This is a platform where members can be spotlighted and teach their talent. This could be YOU! Do you have something to share with our community? Take the ride with us and email me at



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