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Here is what Connie had to say about her session!

Please describe the session: “This was more of a creative session with one of my previous seniors and clothing from Zara. 
We shot 11am – 2 pm at a location I had never used before and we had access to some previously closed areas. We wanted to play with the full sun, some new and different editorial posing, and just shake it up a bit – you know??”

Tell us about the gear used:
camera: Nikon D4
Lenses: Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 
Nikkor 35mm 1.4
Nikkor 105mm 1.4
white reflector

What inspired this session? “This shoot was inspired by first, the location. I did a survey on my insta stories and more of my seniors don’t want a well-known typical Dallas location – they want a unique location. AND this really got me: they are tired of the “in a field at golden hour” image. I know – shocking. I always thought that was the holy grail of senior photography. 
So my new goal is to get away from the 6-8 big locations that 80% of every photographer in Dallas uses. So I had this spot which I’d never used and wanted to see how it shot.
This shot was also inspired by my senior, Trinity. I had shot her senior session and she was just so much fun to work with and really comfortable in front of the camera. Also, she shares my love for all things Zara, so I knew she’d look good in the wardrobe we had.”

Hair and Makeup Artist
Because the focus was more on the location and I didn’t plan a lot of portraits, Trinity did her own hair and makeup – although I always use a HMUA on shoots, it was Spring Break and this was kind of last minute, so I just gave her some guidelines and let her do her own. I also wanted her hair strait for the 70s vibe we wanted on the long dress. She nailed it.

Thank you for sharing Connie! You can see more of Connie’s work on Facebook and Instagram.


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