Congratulations to Christy Lea Photography, her image was chosen as our SENIOR GUY OF THE WEEK!

A big thanks goes out to Katie Hughes Photography for being our Guest Judge last week.  Katie’s image was featured in a previous week so I thought it might be fun to let our featured photographers take a turn on the other side of the spectrum and be the judges.

Here’s what Katie had to say about the images for this week:

“As I narrowed down my picks for this week’s Senior Guy of the week, I had two that I couldn’t decide between. But this one . . . . I just kept coming back to it. I LOVE the composition, the black and white & especially the emotion. I love a portrait that shows so much emotion. I almost feel like I know him. Christy Lea Photography did a fantastic job in capturing a beautiful image and oooohhh, his eyes!”


Awesome job Christy Lea Photography!  And now you’ve been warned….if you are ever one of our featured photographers, you may just get the impossible job of being the Guest Judge too!!

Happy Monday!

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  1. WOW, thank you so much! And, thank you Katie for the kind words. I would be honored to be a guest judge any time 🙂

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