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Wow after last week’s blog post so many of you are on board to participate in our REAL Issues column!  Thank you.  There is a need in this industry for transparency and the REAL talk.  Senior Style Guide will continue to give it to you.  In as many ways as possible!  If you missed part 2 of this series you can read it HERE!

Now on to part 3 of our instagram features.  Our goal is to feature as many incredible photographers and images as possible.  So we are featuring you on our stories as well.  Our stories will have much more than incredible images.  It will be a glimpse into our community through #bts, #weekinwednesday, #favoriteimages, and so much more.  That is the key word as we move into 2019…MORE.  I personally want Senior Style Guide to be everything you want and need.  So expect to experience, see and learn MORE in our community.  And as a result get to know our community on such a deeper level.

Image Credit | Sean Brown

So how do you potentially get featured on our Instagram Story?

Simple…Just follow these steps as we put call outs on our insta page!

  1. Tap the top left of your screen.  You can also swipe right from anywhere in Feed.
  2. Take a photo or video and then tap.
  3. Type @seniorstyleguide. See the example above from Sean Brown.  I love how perfectly he labeled it!

We will be looking for your #bts, #weekinwednesday, #favoriteimages, and MORE as we put call outs on the feed.

Remember…You can still participate in REAL Issues.  Just read the blog post and follow the directions HERE.  And do not forget to tag @seniorstyleguide and use #seniorstyleguide to get our attention for features on our feed.  If you haven’t been featured in 6 months also use #ssgdebut.  I can’t wait to see just how our feed evolves in the next 6 months!



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