Show off your style with us. We are always looking for fun, modern Senior Photographers who are forward thinking in the industry. While we would love to showcase everyone, we unfortunately have a selection process. We are looking for images that scream unique. Images that are just as unique as the seniors themselves.  Please note that if you are submitting for the magazine we would require an accompanying educational article (1200 + words) if chosen.

In order to be considered for the blog, please include your 10 absolute best images from the session sized web ready 900 wide if landscape orientation.  If your image is portrait orientation, portrait images need to be placed side by side and be 600 high.  We look forward to featuring your session!

Magazine Submissions: If you feel you have a educational topic of interest please submit below and select magazine with your article pitch and up to three supporting watermarked low res images.  Be sure to include links to your website and facebook page.

What are we looking for?
Currently we are looking for sessions that showcase spring/early summer season.

Exclusive or Non Exclusive?

Your submission is “exclusive”.  This means images and magazine content cannot be submitted to other blogs or magazines for 6 months.  This includes weekly favorite contests on fb pages.  Don’t worry we respond to all submissions within 2 weeks to let you know if it has been accepted or not.  So you will know right away if we will be featuring your session! Please note that by submitting, you are guaranteeing the images and or article have not been submitted elsewhere or published in other publications or blogs (other than your own personal blog).  You are also guaranteeing this is your original content and you have a signed release allowing your work to be featured on our blog or published in our magazine.

We would love to feature everyone but unfortunately we cannot.  We will only consider submissions which are on trend, edited consistently,  and properly exposed.

Please email your submissions to: or fill out the form below.