HOT 100 Winners 2016


OMG WOW WOW WOW!  Can we just take a moment to breathe and look at the HOT 100 this year?  There were 7012 images entered.  3 hour elimination.  All to get to this list. THE LIST!  This final list of the absolute best of the best images of 2016.  Our judges worked very hard.  I personally cannot even imagine the stress they were under to compile this list given the volume and incredible amount of amazing images they had to look at.  Let’s all just take a moment to thank Teri Fode, Dan Brouillette and Tara Rochelle.  Their job was insurmountable and yet they prevailed-maybe a little stressed and exhausted.

Below you will see the names per category and I will be revealing the images that correspond with the names when we release The HOT 100 Issue  on November 15th!  These images will only be revealed in the magazine and  I cannot wait to share these gorgeous images with you! And getting to know the talent behind them in the coming year!  Yes each and every one of you on this list, I want to see you on the blog, social media, etc. in 2017!  Congratulations on the hardest fought battle of the year!

Let’s all take a deep breath before we see who made this year’s list…

Ok ready?

Here are the HOT 100 winning images of 2016…


1.  Dena Rooney

2. Jessica Blex

3. Christina Ramirez ICON

4. Coco Laine  ICON

5. Kody Diane Photography  ICON

6. Krista Keller

7. Roxanne Marks Photography

8. Sara Welch Photography  ICON

9. Three Irish Girls

10. Jane Engs ICON

11. Rey Of Light Photography ICON

12. Tiffany

13. Noreen Nooner Photography

14. Susan Deaton Photograpy

15. HClaire Photography

16. ML Studios Photography ICON

17. Nicole Spangler Photography

Black and White

1. Devon J Imagery ICON

2. Thomas Nguyen ICON

3. LA Seniors

4. Sara Welch Photography

5. Devon J Imagery ICON

6. Tara Rudy Photography ICON

7. Tara Rudy Photography ICON

8. Sunshine Soul Photography ICON

9. Olivia Renee

10. Merritt Portrait Studio

11. Jenni Bella Photo

12. Brooke Daniels Photography ICON

13. Dawn Corwin Creative Photography ICON

14. Captured By Katie Photography

15. Ling Wang Photography ICON

16. Christina Ramirez ICON

17. Angie Blackburn Photography

18. Kristie Bradley

19. In His Image

20. Lacy Hampton Photography

21. Megan Bryant Photography


1. Claire Anderson ICON

2. Nicole Kline

3. Nicole Cook ICON

4. Melissa White

5. Devon J Imagery ICON

6. Devon J Imagery ICON

7. Cindy Swanson Photography ICON

8. Amanda Conley Photography

9. Thomas Nguyen ICON

10. Renee Marchelle Photography

11. Brooke Daniels Photography ICON

12. Amanda Holloway ICON

13. Amanda Holloway ICON

14. Ali Ann Photography ICON

15. Keala Jarvis Photography

16. Carly K Photography

17. Thomas Nguyen ICON

18. Jen Bertrand Photographie

19. Mad B Photography

20. Ashley Schmidt Photo

21. Ecubed Photo


1. Sunshine Soul Photography ICON

2. Urban Flair Photography

3. Selessa Studio

4. Schrage Photography

5. Mississippi Pearl Photography

6. Karen Savignon

7. Dawn Corwin Creative Photography ICON

8. Curtis Bryant

9. Tara Rudy Photography ICON

10. Studio 708 ICON

11. Maxxum Photography ICON

12. Callahan Photography

13. VOSStudios

14. Tara Price

15. Silver Plate Photography


1. Amanda Holloway ICON

2. Zach and Sarah ICON

3. Zach and Sarah ICON

4. Sarah Welch Photography ICON

5. Sarah Monson

6. Rey Of Light Photography ICON

7. Nicole Cook ICON

8. MAO Photography ICON

9. Ling Wang ICON

10. Kody Diane Photography ICON

11. Hope Toliver

12. Devon J Imagery ICON

13. Devon J Imagery ICON

14. Devon J Imagery ICON 

15. Devon J Imagery ICON

16. Rebecca Williams

17. Jane Engs ICON

18. Ashley Murr Photography

19. 3 Cats Photo

20. Pietaelegante

21. Stephanie Monique Photography ICON

22. Carbonell Photography

23. Jessica Heller Photography

24. Studio Twelve ICON

25. Mark Durant Photography

26. Melody White Studios

Photographer’s Choice

1. Devon J Imagery ICON

2. Coco.Laine ICON

3. Stephanie Hulthen Photography

4. Sean Brown

5. Iris Images

6. Emily Rose Photography

7. Brooke Daniels Photography ICON

8. Alicias Photography ICON

9. Mackenzie Lee

10. Devon J Imagery ICON

11. Stacy Jacob Photography

12. Studio Twelve ICON

13. Maria Vallejo Photography

14. Kiwi Ashby

15. Katie Hughes

16. Carrie Anne Photography


1. Chelsea Taylor ICON

2. MAO Photography ICON

3. Cindy Swanson ICON

4. Amber Cornell ICON

5. Amber Cornell ICON

6. Tara Rudy Photography ICON

7. Stephanie Monique Photography ICON

8. Lori Waddell Photography

9. Josh Barker Photography

10. Jane Engs ICON

11. Clara Bella AA

12. Image Bearer Photography

13. Sarah Jane Photography

14. Tara Mesyn

15. Alyssa Chappell Photography

16. Ashley Lenard Photography

17. Jilly Bean Photography

18. Streetline Studio


1. Devon J Imagery ICON

2. Amanda Holloway ICON

3. Devon J Imagery ICON

4. Unforgettable Photography

5. Studio 708 ICON

6. Salome Photography

7. Nicki Hufford Photography

8. David Beckham Photography

9. Amanda Holloway ICON

10. Amanda Holloway ICON

11. Christy Carter

12. Emily McGonigle

13. Carrie Wilson

14. LinabellStudio2.jpg

15. Hadley May

16. Allison Ragsdale

Styled Concept

1. The Road Home ICON

2. Nicole Cook ICON

3. Ling Wang ICON

4. Devon J Imagery ICON

5. Twelfth and Grace

6. Megan Engeseth Photography

7. Brooke Daniels Photography ICON

8. BT Photography

9. Alicia’s Photography ICON

10. Ali Ann Photography ICON

11. Ali Ann Photography ICON

12. Valerie Ott Photography

13. Cindy Short Photography

14. Carrie Maxfield Photography

15. Studio Twelve ICON

16. Elizabeth Carrie

17. Barefoot Photography and Boutique

18. Kiki’s Corner

19. Jan Gratz Photography


1. Claire Anderson ICON

2. The Road Home Photography ICON

3. Heather Owens

4. Thomas Nguyen ICON

5. Susan Stockman Portrait

6. Maxxum Photography ICON

7. Ever After

8. Chelsea Taylor ICON

9. Amanda Nelson

10. Amanda Holloway ICON

11. Ali Ann Photography ICON

12. Meagan Gilbert

13. Sandi Shipley

14. Joie Photographie

15. Big Shots Photography By Marla

16. Treebird Photography

17. ML Studios Photography ICON

18. Trisha Jones Photography

What a list!  I personally feel like I ran a marathon!!!!  Congratulations to everyone who made the HOT 100 this year and Wow to all the icon status photographers!  I cannot wait to share the images with you in the November 15th. issue of Senior Style Guide.