Today we area featuring 2017 HOT 100 Icon Status Winner, Megan Engeseth Photography! Learn more about Megan and see her winning images!


 Bio:  “Megan Engeseth is a senior portrait photographer in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN.  Megan’s seniors are creative, modern and a little dramatic.  She’s obsessed with coffee, rescuing dogs, and swears a little too much.  As a trained actor, Megan has focused on creating custom, unique and super dramatic images that really define her senior’s personalities. She looks for inspiration in fashion, art, history and theatre and tries to weave those ideas into sessions for her clients.  She’s proud to have been featured both in the local Twin Cities media for her creative styled shoots as well as nationally on the Today Show with her VIP team in 2017. ”


Water image: “This client, Claire, is a competitive kayaker and grew up in the water.  She also looks like she walked straight off a runway! We decided to add some whimsical elements into her shoot and also get a bada$$ picture of her with her HUGE kayak. Once we were done, she was all about laying in the water and nailed that PERFECT pose in the freezing river. ”


Tennis picture: “Senior Britta is a tennis player and if you know Megan – you’d know she refers to all sports as ‘sportsball’. So, sportsing isn’t her specialty – but adding a fashion urban flair to it totally is! A little OFC fashiony lighting perfected this shot – along with the help of a little wind for the perfect wind blown look.”

Stage spotlight: ” This image was photographed last spring for Megan’s VIP Senior Model team Class of 2018. Megan was going for a very Vanity Fair look and wanted a real theatre spot in the background to highlight the glitz and glam.  The TODAY show featured this shoot (NO PRESSURE!) while focusing on an Extreme Senior Portraits segment –  and MEP VIP Maddie NAILED this look with her amazing designer dress.  Megan custom builds all her sets every year – so it’s a different experience and theme for every model class.”


Thank you for sharing Megan, and congrats on your HOT 100 Icon Status!  To see more of Megan’s work, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram!  To learn more about this year’s HOT 100 contest, you can click here for more info!



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