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Are you ready to pack your suitcase and travel with the original Destination Shootout Team?

Can you believe it?  Registration opens tomorrow December 14th. at 11 am eastern for the most EPIC SSG Destination to date!  Brooke and I are so excited.  We have literally hit the ground running since arriving home from the NYC SSG Destination last week trying to finalize details.  But we sense your anticipation and have decided that we will just keep nailing things down on the back end and let you all in!  We are excited so I can’t even imagine how excited all of you are!!!!

10 things about Iceland you need to know now…

  1. It is not freezing contrary to its name.  The time we will be traveling, the temperature will be highs in the 60’s.
  2. Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world with almost zero crime
  3. During the summer, Iceland has days with full 24 hours of sunlight
  4. Iceland is home of volcanos, black sand beaches, the blue lagoon, ice cap mountains, hot springs, caves, waterfalls, glaciers, geysers and the Northern Light
  5. The three colors of Iceland’s flag represent elements that make up their island. Red for volcanic fires, White for the snow and ice and Blue for the ocean.
  6. English is spoken and widely understood by most Icelanders
  7. Iceland is only a 5 hour direct flight from most East Coast US cities and flight deals can be found for as low as $250 round trip (Iceland Air has directly flights from Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Washington DC as well as Canada and Europe. Wow Air has flights from Baltimore, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. And Delta has flights from New York and Minneapolis.)
  8. Icelandic hotels, guests houses, and cottages are very reasonably priced.
  9. Hundreds of movies and television shows have been filmed in Iceland, including James Bond: Die Another Day & A View To Kill, Batman Begins, Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Thor: The Dark World, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  10. Iceland is the perfect adventure for the outdoors enthusiasts with hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snow mobile trips, off roading, caving, ice climbing, whale watching, horseback riding, and swimming in the geothermal pools and spas.

Here is a recap of the current details.  Remember to be flexible on this adventure because you never know what we will find.  It is not uncommon to be enroute to a location only to stumble across something a thousand times better!

Brooke and I plan to mix this trip up by doing 2 days (August 2nd and 3rd.)!  The first will be both high fashion and also a viking stylized concept.  Day two will be for all of our senior photographers who moonlight and shoot couples/weddings or who are interested in building a portfolio in this genre.  Yes we are mixing it up and adding a boho glam styled couple/wedding shoot.  Brooke and I are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves in this industry and with our destinations, so it seemed like the perfect pairing!  And well we are going to be in this amazingly crazy beautiful country so why not expand our offerings?


Current Details

  1. Two Day Destination Shoot Investment $945 (does not include travel, transportation, meals, admissions or lodging)
  2. Registration fee can be split into two equal payments (there is a $45 discount for those who pay in full!) Final payment will be due January 31st, 2017 to secure your spot.  If you do not pay in full by January 31st. your spot will be forfeited and released to the next person on the waitlist and your deposit will be non refundable.  All money received for this event is non refundable.
  3. Go for as long as you like, make it an extended vacation and enjoy the tax write off. (I plan to explore a few days!)
  4. A full model team- both male and female- teens (high fashion/editorial and stylized) and young adult couple (engagement/bride & groom to increase your destination wedding portfolio)- professional hair and makeup team- professional styling and wardrobe.
  5.  And as always Brooke and I will have a super high ratio model:photographer!
  6. We will be capping this trip off with limited seats this is our most exclusive destination to date.
  7. For the first time ever we are offering 2 full days of shooting instead of just one (double the locations/wardrobes/images).
  8. SSG Destinations is a high intensive shoot.  You will need to be comfortable with different environments, know your way around your camera and be able to be flexible.  There will be a lot of walking, etc.  so come prepared!
  9. We are still ironing out off the specific timeline and details- some events are subject to change.
  10. There are some nice apartments in Reykjavik that can house up to 6 people which could be ideal for those of you rooming together (and cut down on costs)!  A quick google search showed prices ranging around $250+ a night for this type of accommodations.  We will supply attendees with a list of hotels, etc. within walking distance of Brooke and I .
  11. Admission to private facilities like the Blue Lagoon are not included.
  12. Equipment needed: Camera body, lenses, extra memory cards, and hand held lighting source for nighttime shoot (OCF, Ice Light, etc- Optional), comfortable walking shoes or boots, and warm clothes.  Come prepared to walk, have fun and explore in one of the most electric cities in the world.
  13. All attendees must be located outside a 100 mile radius of Stafford/Fredericksburg, VA zip code 22554 and 50 miles outside of zip code 46135 in Greencastle, IN.
  14. Attendees will need to sign a contract that they will not teach or host a destination shoot workshop within 2 years of attending.
  15. Images taken at the event may only be used for personal website and portfolio building. Images from the event shared on all social media must include @BrookeDanielsPhotography, @Seniorstyleguide  and #ssgdestinations #bdptakesiceland in the caption of every image posted.  Images may NOT be submitted to any publications, contests, weekly favorites, blogs, or any other social media sites.
  16. Attendees are not able to tag the models in any of the images they take.
    Photographers are not allowed to give, share or sell their images to the models.
  17.  If you own or work for a senior blog or magazine you may not attend.
  18.  If we have inclement weather on the 2nd or 3rd then we will have a makeup day on the 4th, so in order to get the most of this experience, we recommend you schedule your return transportation later in the day/evening on the 5th.
  19. Shooting Etiquette: During the shootout, each attendee will have ample time to shoot each model on their own as we will take turns in a organized and respectful manner.  We want to be sure that each photographer walks away with images of models in different poses with different locations so that everyone’s images look different and reflect the individual photographer’s style.  Shooting over each others shoulders will not be permitted. You will work as a team and/or in the group assigned.

We are working on getting a private bus charter so that during the shootings days people do not have to worry about renting a car and their own mode of transportation-however this is not guaranteed but is at the top of our list for this trip- photographers will be subject to a transportation fee of approximately $100 each. This will cut down on car rentals, ease your fears of driving in a foreign country (driving on the opposite side of the road always gets me confused!) and allow all of us to travel as a group comfortably together.  If we can secure this, we’ll be able to warm up, enjoy some down time while we travel between each location and not have to worry about anyone getting lost or separated from the group. This is our idea of Stress-free travel!”

Registration opens at 11 am eastern Wednesday December 14th. I will post a link to register in the private SSG Group, The Senior Style Facebook Group and the official Iceland Q & A Group a few minutes before so have your trigger fingers ready!

We simply cannot contain our excitement to see who will be traveling to Iceland with us!


Vickie + Brooke



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