Conquer SEO With Our Next Forum Class!


Does SEO scare you?  Are you using the correct tags and keywords?

I promise you are not alone!  This next class in the forum helps take the guess work out of SEO so you can confidently Get Found!

Here are the details:

In this SEO bootcamp: You will learn

1. What is SEO?

2. What are the main myths and mistakes photographers make with their seo efforts?

3. How to optimize your website:

  • Add the right kind of text
  • Add or change Page Titles
  • Add or change Website Descriptions
  • Add new pages to help you Get Found Online
  • Create an Keyword List for Senior Photography Market

4. Optimize Your WordPress or Blogspot Blog. Blogging is a powerful SEO tool since we update our blogs more regularly than our websites I will teach you not only how to optimize your blog but how to blog with SEO in mind making it a natural part of your workflow. I am also introducing how to blog 70% faster than you have been and it is fresh new material I have not taught in any past bootcamps or webinars before.

  • Install needed plugins
  • Add or change page titles
  • Add or change blog description
  • Teach you how to blog for SEO naturally
  • How to make SEO part of your blogging workflow
  • How to back to old posts and optimize for SEO
  • Teach you how to get found on google images
  • Learn how to blog 70% faster than the way you have been.

5.  Tracking. Once we do all of this work, we will need to track our efforts but I share with you an easy non techy set up to check your stats and follow up with your SEO strategy.

  • We will Install Google Analytics for your website and blog
  • Teach you how to  read your analytics( only the important stuff)
  • Give you templates how to track results in an easy format

6. Getting listed online- Learn about local SEO and getting ranked in maps section and in top results. We will cover

  • Best way to rank locally
  • Google Plus basics for reviews
  • Other ways to get found online.

There will be Q&A section and these bonuses:

1) Membership to my Get Found with Fuse Bootcamp- Once I launch my videos your students will have access to them for 3 months as members as well. Launch date is January 10, 2013

2) Keyword Cheat Sheet- how to rename your images.

3) Press Release sample

4) Bonus video on Youtube marketing

Cost of this comprehensive class will be $125.

What are you waiting for? To register click HERE


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