Teens and Tweens on Model Crew…3 Reasons Why

I got asked why I photograph teens and tweens again today.  Specifically middle school and freshman aged clients. And why are they on Model Crew?  The WHY seems to be a big question anymore.  Ironically, I did not know my why at first. I created a line called Teen Spirit for the siblings of my […]

Teen Model Crew | Events

Marketing with intent… 56 Models 13 Schools spanning up to 1.5 hours away 425 people in attendance #thefashionreview Runway Image Credit | Jessika Feltz Photography Step and Repeat Image Credit | Thomas Nguyen Photography   Each year I try to think of ways to engage my model crew year round and beyond.  Events are a […]

Model Crew | A Teen’s Perspective

The Ultimate Teen Experience… One of the most common questions I am asked is how to keep a teen excited and to want to stay involved in Model Crew since they are often in it for more than one year.  To be honest, when I created my teen line and ultimately began adding teens to Model Crew this […]

Model Crew | Putting The Pieces Together

The Evolution Of A Model Crew Model Crews, Ambassadors, Senior Models, fill in the blanks.  We all have different names for the groups of seniors representing our business.  They are the buzz word in the industry.  This is the one area that always comes up in conversations with other senior photographers.  There is a struggle […]

Senior Model | A Teen’s Perspective

I love it when our teen audience contacts me to share their experiences.  Hearing directly from our target market is the best way to grow and learn.  So I was thrilled when Reilly Eick contacted me with an article pitch discussing her experience with Amanda Wiggins Photography! Here is what it is like being a […]