Senior Stunner of the Week | November 28

Congrats to this week’s senior stunner photographer, Jane Engs Photography! I just love this pose, the subtle smile, the lighting, the dress, the grasses….well done, Jane! This week’s Senior Stunner was selected from our Instagram page. Will your image be next? We are looking at both our Facebook page and our Instagram page to pick our weekly Senior Stunner!  If you […]


Jessica Pearson of Jessica Pearson Photography was our guest judge for this past weeks’ Senior Stunner image. She had a tough time choosing from all the gorgeous images,  but there can be only one .. Congratulations Carol Rogers Photography! Here is what Jessica had to say about the image … “Wow!  This was so hard to judge.  […]

Eye on Business | Time Management Secrets

Time management is one of the top secrets to success in owning a business.  But, who doesn’t know (or admit to being…) a work-a-holic in this business?  If you work for yourself, it can be challenging to shut off work mode, particularly if you work from home.  Throw in a significant other and/or kids, and […]