The Secret to Adding Video to your Photography Business

Hesitant? Scared sh%tless? No worries. Here is the secret. That’s right. I’m not going to be a jerk and make you read until the end to tell you. WE ARE ALL scared to mess it up when we try something new. Pick up the damn camera and switch that sucker over to video mode. Don’t […]

Real Talk Episode 10: Dan Brouillette

REAL TALK Episode 10: Dan Brouillette On this episode of Real Talk, we have Dan Brouillette from LOOK Portrait joining us! If you missed the last episode, be sure to check out our talk with the talented Adam Hommerding from The Modern Collective, click here! Dan Brouillette is a senior and editorial photographer operating in the […]

Why Showcasing Your Photography Products Is More Important Than Ever

One of the questions that I get from photographers all the time is “How do I book more clients? I’m struggling to book clients because my competition is SO much cheaper than I am and gives away all of the digital images!” I’ve been there. Most of us have if you’ve been in business for […]

Real Talk Episode 09: Adam Hommerding

REAL TALK Episode 09: Adam Hommerding For 2019, we are kicking off Real Talk with none other than Adam Hommerding!! Adam is the perfect person to get us started for this year’s series of Real Talk where we talk about how he started The Modern Collective – a design shop for photographers, managing a photography business […]