Fashion Guide: Say Yes To Summer Fruits!

Summer fruit prints are ALL THE RAGE so today I’m going to talk about incorporating them into your sessions.  If your client is more understated you can still pair a bold print with the right outfit and accessories and feel casual enough to be comfortable yet stylish enough for photos. The trick to making fruit […]

Issue 4…Available Now!

Issue 4… This issue will help you learn more about OCF with fabulous articles by Ty Fischer and Scott Stebner.  Have you wanted to try OCF but were a little intimidated?  Both of these articles will get you motivated and shake your fears away. You can also expect gorgeous imagery and informative articles from Amanda […]

Senior Stunner and Honorable Mention Winners … Please Read

Wow you guys had some images that just flat out rocked!  We have them featured on the blog and would also love to feature them in the next issue of Senior Style Guide’s magazine.  However, that is only possible if you send us the image in a timely manner. Here are the steps to insuring […]

Issue 3 Cover Contest…Images That Got Our Attention

OMG the images we received for the cover contest of Issue 3 are fabulous.  You guys are fierce.  To say you made the judges jobs difficult is an understatement.  Tomorrow morning we will announce the runner up, second runner up and one image that was a hands-down-fabulous-image that we had to acknowledge (besides I don’t […]

Issue 2…Contributors

The black and white issue… I cannot believe that issue 2 is available for purchase.  We wanted to feature stylish and moody black and white images and decided there were so many fabulous ones out there that we would dedicate a whole issue to this style!  We were also fortunate enough to have amazing contributors […]