Eye on Fashion|The Year of the Horse

According to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar starting January 31st 2014 is the Year of the Horse. I found this totally cute fashion inspiration on ChineseNewYearIn.com! “As for clothing, the lucky colors to wear this year are purple, blue and grey. To add up luck, you can wear wooden pendants or beads along with your stylish […]

Eye on Fashion|Grammy Inspiration

Fashion is everywhere! We see trends on TV, movies, magazines, store windows and our friends. Hollywood, though, is the epitome of the fashion world. Every award show and event is broken down by countless talk shows and publications. Best dressed and worst dressed are assesed. It is an amazing and crazy fashion whirlwind at these […]

Eye on Fashion|Mixing Metals

What is a great outfit without jewelry?! And even better, being able to mix and match all the metals you can find! I used to be a silver girl. I thought that because most of my jewelry was silver I had to make sure all of my jewelry matched. Not anymore! I am so excited […]

Eye on Fashion|Boot Socks

We are hopefully(for this warm weather girl) over the hump of winter in most of the country, but there are still many chilly days ahead. One of the fun parts of chilly weather are adding layers and details into a great outfit for photos. Boot socks are perfect for that! Right now is the time […]