Eye on Business | Why Are You a Photographer?

You will be hard pressed to find a photographer who hasn’t questioned who they are as an artist and as a business owner.  Competition to be the next best thing (and pay your bills) can fuel the tendency to let outside influences get in your head.  If you are struggling to find your style in […]

Eye on Business | Taxes. A Four Letter Word.

Yes, I know “taxes” is actually a five letter word. But it certainly FEELS like a four letter word, doesn’t it? Shivers. I just dread tax time. You too? Let me set the stage of tax time in our world. Aug-Dec:  Busy season… the pile of invoices, bank statements, post its, ordering notes, M&M wrappers, protein bar […]

Eye on Business | My Top Five REreads

Is it REALLY almost Christmas?  By the looks of my own office as well as everyone’s posts on FACEBOOK, you’re feeling much the way I am.  Time to take a few minutes to recap, relax, and reread a few of my favorite posts from this year.  Grab a hot beverage, a blanket, and a notebook […]