PUSH For A Change 2019 Scholarship Winners

PUSH for a change was started with nothing more than a desire to unite the photography community to effect real change. When I created this organization, the goal was to elicit positive change by providing a venue to foster and promote community.  Each year we will embrace certain charities and fundraisers to give back and […]

SSG Regions…Midwest Event

In January, we launched SSG Regions. My vision for this would be a subset of the big private Senior Style Guide Facebook group. A place where people can get to know photographers who are geographically close to them. Somewhere they could talk about the trends and intricacies of their business with people who are right […]

SSG Destinations…Registration Is Open!

Registration for our 6th SSG Destination Event with Brooke Aaron Daniels is now open! Who will be going to Aruba with us on this next epic adventure? To register click below: Full payment Partial payment due 4/30/19 For more details please click HERE to read the Announcement Blog Post! We can’t wait for this next […]

SSG Destinations…Pack Your Bags

Wanderlust…”A strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world.” Senior Style Guide + Brooke Daniels Photography have ventured to the tropical oasis of Isle of Palms, the fashion-forward city of lights in NYC twice, the majestic country of Iceland and enjoyed the Big Sky Country of West Yellowstone Montana.  Each year, criss-crossing the […]

SSG Destinations…Iceland Adventure Video

wan·der·lust ˈwändərˌləst/ noun a strong desire to travel. This sums up our adventures together.  Two friends who want to travel the world doing what they love.  Brooke and I absolutely love doing SSG Destinations.  It is our time to travel, dream, create and be with like minded photographers.  Our adventures have taken us from the […]