Lets Get REAL For A Moment…

Instagram Part 2… I promised a few months ago there would be another blog post about how we could get our community more involved on our Instagram feed.  It is something I am very passionate about and have explored many options and ran them past industry leaders.  I want to see you and your work […]

PUSH 2019…How To Register

Now that we have taken a couple of days to let the dust settle over the PUSH 2019 announcement, let’s get you the info to register on Monday!  Will you be one of the lucky 50? Registration for the PUSH conference opens Monday September 17th at 11 am eastern time.  I will be posting a link on the blog, in […]

Teens and Tweens on Model Crew…3 Reasons Why

I got asked why I photograph teens and tweens again today.  Specifically middle school and freshman aged clients. And why are they on Model Crew?  The WHY seems to be a big question anymore.  Ironically, I did not know my why at first. I created a line called Teen Spirit for the siblings of my […]