Eye on Business | Calling Out the Silent Stalkers!

Today’s installment is more of a business PSA.  Consider it a “USE WITH CAUTION” warning from your “photography big sister.”  I’m the baby of my family so I quite enjoy the opportunity to play a big sister role, even if you don’t want to hear it   😉 Have you seen the shiny new “Pages […]

Eye on Business | Five Tips to Amp Up Your Winter Bookings

October.  Autumn.  Fall foliage.  Fall festivals.  Pumpkin spice lattes.  Perfection. October : photographer :: April : accountant.  Not to send you back to the SATs but is that analogy the TRUTH or what?! October has always been a popular time of year for us ‘togs.  You more than likely have plenty of sessions this month […]

Eye on Business | How to Have a Successful Business Online and in Real Life

Miley Cyrus.  Victim or marketing genius?  You have to admit, everyone has been chatting about her atrocities for weeks.  I often find myself feeling unsympathetic for celebrities who complain about their lack of privacy.  They ask for it, right?! Publicity + Popularity = Success.  But in the midst of an entitlement society paired with social […]