Eye on Business | My Top Five REreads

Is it REALLY almost Christmas?  By the looks of my own office as well as everyone’s posts on FACEBOOK, you’re feeling much the way I am.  Time to take a few minutes to recap, relax, and reread a few of my favorite posts from this year.  Grab a hot beverage, a blanket, and a notebook […]

Eye on Business | Time Management Secrets

Time management is one of the top secrets to success in owning a business.  But, who doesn’t know (or admit to being…) a work-a-holic in this business?  If you work for yourself, it can be challenging to shut off work mode, particularly if you work from home.  Throw in a significant other and/or kids, and […]

Eye on Business | Is Your Business Running You Ragged?

Chances are that if you are reading this, the answer is a resounding “YES.”  As photographers/creatives/business owners, I’m fairly certain that we all have a slight tendency to work without boundaries, 24/7.  Ok, it’s an obsession. We love what we do.  We love what we can do for others.  We love looking at others’ images. […]

Eye on Business | How to Reach Out to Another Photographer

Let’s talk about how to respond with professional courtesy when reaching out to fellow photographers.  Our industry is full of negativity and competitiveness but guess what?  It’s also FILLED with positive, helpful individuals who actually want to see our community flourish. So, here we go: You consider yourself a new photographer.  Maybe you started a […]