Eye on Business | Why Are You a Photographer?

You will be hard pressed to find a photographer who hasn’t questioned who they are as an artist and as a business owner.  Competition to be the next best thing (and pay your bills) can fuel the tendency to let outside influences get in your head.  If you are struggling to find your style in […]

Eye on Business | Get Off of Facebook

It’s all the buzz among Yahoo’s headlines, late-night photographers’ skype chats and FACEBOOK forums.  Teens are no longer on facebook because Grandma is watching.  The game has officially changed.  It changed a LONG time ago but now it’s time to actually steal that game back.  No more relying on the free marketing of facebook who keeps […]

Eye on Business | Is Your Business Trademarked?

Authentic.  Original.  You.  Are you growing tired of hearing these terms yet?  This year, authenticity seems to have been the theme.  By now, you should know that every aspect of your business must be infused with your originality that no one can duplicate perfectly.  But, regardless of what you’ve discovered that makes you unique, you […]

Eye on Business | My Top Five REreads

Is it REALLY almost Christmas?  By the looks of my own office as well as everyone’s posts on FACEBOOK, you’re feeling much the way I am.  Time to take a few minutes to recap, relax, and reread a few of my favorite posts from this year.  Grab a hot beverage, a blanket, and a notebook […]