An Idaho Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Alexia Wardell Photography, located in Nampa, Idaho!

Alexia said “Jesse was hesitant to use me as her Senior Photographer at first. She loved the feel of my photographs but she was really nervous that I was not going to be able to capture her “punk” style considering most of the images I have on website are of a softer nature. When I first met her she told me ” I am not your average “pretty” girl. I begged to differ. Though Jesse did not look like my average client, her beauty and personality really drew me to her and I was very excited to be able to photograph her. I was blown away by her handle on wardrobe. When I asked her to send me pictures of the wardrobe she was considering for the shoot, everything was cohesive and all of it matched her personality. This made styling her and finding a location for her shoot really easy. Jesse was extremely easy to work with. She was a little nervous at first but once we got to know each other things just flowed. We laughed together, but because of the nature of her shoot, she did not “smile” in a lot of her images. Instead we wanted to bring across that punk feel, but in a fashionable way. I feel in love with the results. We ended up with images that were both all about her, but fashionable in nature as well. It was a perfect blend of both of our styles.”

Inspiration: “The inspiration for this session came from Jesse herself. I had Jesse fill out a questionnaire for me when she first contacted me. Given her musical preferences, the short hair she recently acquired and the gauge in her ear, we knew we were going to go punk. However Jesse also really loves fashion so we wanted to make sure included that element in her shoot as well. Finding a location was easy. In Boise Idaho, there is an alley known as freak alley. The whole alley is graffiti ed up, and each year they have a competition there between graffiti artists. This year the competition had just finished the previous week, so we knew we had a lot of fresh stuff to work with.”

Gear: “I used a Canon Mark II, and a Sigma 70-200 f 2.8 Lens. I also used a reflector to throw a bit of light back into her face, and a strobie 130 flash attached to the camera.”

MUA: Hair and Makeup were done by June Klyder in Boise Idaho.

Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide
Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide
Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide
Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

I’d definitely say that you pulled off showcasing her personality and style! These are all great! I love that last outfit! Thanks so much for your submission!

When asked about herself and her business, Alexia said “I am a mother of three kids, I LOVE all things creative, a good book and of course, spending time behind the camera. I have been a professional photographer for the past 6 years full time, but I always feel like I am learning and growing. I have come to realize that of all the types of photography there are, my preference and talent lies in working with High School Seniors. I enjoy them, and hands down they end up having a great time with me. I have lived in California for the past 7 years, and we just recently re-located back to my home town of Nampa Idaho. It has been both fun and challenging re-building a business in this new area.”

You can find more of her work on FACEBOOK HERE or Instagram (@abwardell).

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