Today’s featured senior session is from Jeff Dietz Photography located in McKinney, TX. Here is what Jeff had to say about his session!

Please describe the session: “Ashton is a senior at Denton High School. We decided to do a fun photoshoot through the streets of Grapevine which has a historic downtown area. The plan was to walk up and down a few blocs around the center of town and create things as we go. So many fun surprises happened along the way. The first being this fun metal yard decor shop. I thought it would provide an interesting backdrop and rustic western feel. We then went on to experiment with a few found shadows on the walls and the historic buildings nearby.”

Tell us about the gear used:
Nikon D750 
50mm 1.8mm
Neutral Density (ND) filters
Godox AD600 flash inside Phottek softlighter

What inspired this session: “Inspired by fashion magazines and a spring vibe that a lot of my photo shoots have. We wanted to do a nice spring dress that was long to match her longer blonde hair. Beyond that, it was inspired by ‘let’s be as creative today as we can be’.”

Thank you for sharing Jeff! You can see more of Jeff’s work on Facebook and Instagram!


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Family and Senior Photography in Williamsburg, VA

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