A Louisiana Senior Session

Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Kali Norton Photography and Design, located in Ponchatoula, LA!

Kali shared about this senior session: “Between the cozy boho chic, the creams and bold colors, and Renee’s insanely fabulous ability to work the camera, I pretty much almost fell out, right onto the floor with overwhelming excitement over everything about her. She’s adorably sweet, a pro at makeup application, and I’m pretty sure I’d be fine hanging out with her for hours, any day. Much like all of my seniors so far this year, spending time with Renee and working on her session simply left me speechless.”

Gear: “I shoot with Canon 5d Mark ii and generally use only prime lenses for portrait sessions. Most shots during the session were shot with my Canon 85mm 1.2 lens, with a few also captured through my Canon 50mm 1.4.”

Inspiration: “Most of my sessions are firstly inspired by creams, blushes, muted colors, and cable knits any chance I can throw it in during the colder months. From there, I’m always bringing in inspiration from both the client and elements of my own design and life interests. The final part of this particular session (and my favorite part) in which renee wore a muted blue, tan, and white dress and a boho gold head piece, all while dancing and cozying up with a cream cable knit blanket was inspired by mixing my love for Pottery Barn’s warmth with my love for this season of FX’s popular TV series American Horror Story. This particular season is shot in New Orleans, where I was born and raised, and it’s cultural elements and the personalities of the characters have resonated with me. If you’re familiar with the show, this particular part of the session was inspired by Lily Rabe’s character, Misty, dancing to Stevie Nicks here.”

“Hair was done by Becky Fos of Michael Frank Salon.
Makeup was done by Renee, who hopes to pursue her own career in makeup artistry after graduating–and will be ever-so-fabulous at it! She already is.”

Senior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

She is simply stunning! I love all of these, especially the last few sets. Great work! Thanks so much for sharing with us:)

Kali shared a little about herself:
“I believe that my best brides, seniors, wives, and mothers come to me because they see glimpses of transparency, combined with my professionalism and talent and know that our souls were meant to work together. We connect because they are inspired and, know of their worth and beauty deep within. Sometimes though, we need to be reminded of the radiance within us, hidden behind the hustle, bustle, and trials life brings. Life is one crazy ride, but I’ve found that professional photographs of myself, Preston, and our life has truly helped me find, inspiration, solace and beauty in what I HAVE instead of what else I want. They are priceless time capsules of organic beauty that I cannot wait to share with my children someday.

I believe in the cozy feeling of a warm soy chai latte.
I believe in the hope a random act of kindness brings.
I believe in the comfort of a clean, inviting home.
I believe in the unconditional love found in an animal or child.
I believe in the zing of the warm summer sun hitting the skin.
I believe in the radiance that lies in every woman.
I believe in the perfection when combining good food, wine, and friends.
I believe in the irrevocable beauty of a creative mind.
I believe in the confidence of a new outfit.
I believe in the brilliance of any smile.
I believe in making life more beautiful by, simply, loving pretty things.
I believe in the beauty found in any breakdown.
I believe in documentation through photographs to affirm life’s charm and serve as a delicate reminder for when the more dismal moments decide to visit. It is art, beauty, that brings us through these moments and reminds us that, somewhere in the muddle, there is radiance.”

You can find more of Kali’s work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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