What to Wear Wednesday…with True Moua

It’s WTWW! And I’m loving the fall theme for this month: Must-Have Fall Accessories! True Moua is joining us this week to share about a colorful fall accessory for photos: LEAVES! So for you fall lovers, this post is a must-read:)



I absolutely love them! Green, yellow, red or orange they can be a great addition to your session! The colors can make a photo really pop and take it to a dreamy place…the richer the color, the better!

Senior Style Guide

Don’t have any leaves, you can rake up a bag and bring it with to a session! Scatter them on the ground and have your client lay down in them. You can frame your clients with the leaves or simply use it as a colorful backdrop.

The best part about leaves you can add them to neutrals, or something colorful and yes even something with a pattern!


Senior Style Guide

I love shooting through them for something dreamy.

Have your clients play in a huge pile for something fun!

You can even turn it into a simple leave bouquet to add to a solid top.

How fun are falling leaves! Have someone throw some up in the air and snap a few as they fall for something a little magical.

Senior Style Guide

Leaves are absolutely versatile and FREE! So if you’re not taking advantage of them you should!”


Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love adding color to my photos with leaves:) Thanks so much for sharing, True! Gorgeous imagery, as always:)

Stay Stylish!