What to Wear Wednesday….with Tricia Toker

It’s WTWW and this week we have Tricia with us, of Tricia Toker Photography!

“You have your favorite fashion trends from spring, summer and early fall, but what do you do with those once the temperatures start to drop?  Well, you improvise of course and bring those adorable outfits into the cooler winter months! “

Senior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

“Everyone knows that the easiest way to help you transition into fall or winter is by adding a jacket to your favorite dress or even a cute top with your favorite shorts.  What about those rompers and kimonos that we all love so much right now?  Don’t want to put them away just yet?  Don’t fret, and certainly don’t put them back into that closet.  Bring those super cute rompers and kimonos with you for your fall / winter senior sessions.

 Rompers are super easy to transition into fall / winter.  Some are already perfect for fall / winter because they are made of a heavier material that will help keep you warm.  If you don’t already have a romper that is fall / winter ready though, you can layer with a jacket or even one of those kimonos!  The easiest way to transition your rompers, especially your long sleeve rompers are adding in some tights or a scarf or even some booties and a fur vest!  Voila!  Your rompers are now fall / winter appropriate! “

Senior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

“Kimonos are also super easy to transition into the fall / winter season.  Add your kimono to your favorite top / jeans and combat boots or any boots for that matter and you have the perfect fall / winter outfit for your senior session.  Kimono style dresses are perfect for fall / winter too.  The longer sleeves will definitely help keep you warm, all while looking incredibly cute and fashionable!”

Senior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

“Just about any layer can be added to your rompers or kimonos.  Hats, scarves, you name it!  So make your favorite fashions last a little longer and don’t have them head back into the closet just yet!”

So true Tricia…you can be fashionable AND warm! I know I love adding leggings to dresses for cooler days, and I’m hoping Santa brings me a fur vest:)
Thanks so much for this post, Tricia!!

Stay Stylish!