What to Wear Wednesday….with Thomas Nguyen

It’s WTWW and this week we have Thomas of Thomas Nguyen Photography joining us!

Let’s read his thoughts on denim!

Senior Style Guide

“We are what we wear.  That’s especially true with today’s seniors looking to be carefree, conservative or a little edgy in their outfits.  It’s their clothing that reflects what they’re thinking and feeling. “

Senior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

“And while denim will always personify the word casual, it’s the way that it’s worn that reflects a senior’s personality.  Denims are also versatile whether it’s cut-off shorts, skinny jeans or a jean jacket, denim will allow you to quickly accommodate any part of the season by adding a few accent pieces.  For my seniors, I’ve recommended wearing bold colors or muted tones to compliment and allow their personal style and personality to shine through.”

Senior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

Thanks so much,Thomas! You’re so right…denim can be worn and portrayed in so many different ways! Thanks so much for this post! And LOVE the images:)

Stay Stylish!