What to Wear Wednesday….with Stephanie Pana

It’s WTWW and Stephanie Pana is back with us to share some boutique goodness!! You’re gonna want to read this whole post about neutrals…and there may be a surprise in it for you at the end!!

“Now, I know most of us are feeling pretty dreary during these Winter months, but for those that are basking in sunshine & warmth – we’re jealous! Regardless of either, I’ve grown to have a strong love for neutral colors, amidst the simplicity of black & white. Do you worry that it’s just TOO simple? Don’t fret over it being boring, because it is FAR from that. There are what seems like endless possibilities when it comes to the neutral color scheme! So let’s use that as our inspiration to cover a few ways to utilize this into your own daily wardrobe AND for your Seniors…because we all know we totally try and rock some of these same looks as our teens!

Let’s chat about WHY I am just adoring Black/White/Gray these days. Outside the obvious reasons, I just love how it’s so clean & crisp. It’s easy on the eyes, but can easily make a bold statement if/when desired. It works wonderfully on just about any skin tone and is absolutely in trend right now, which means there are TONS of options to choose from to assure variety!”

Senior Style Guide

“Let’s start off with this basic Gray Day Sweater (Found here: http://pinkslipboutique.com/products/grey-day-sweater) to give us a good base to work off of. Stretchy and SUPER cozy, what more could we ask for? Now, just snazz it up with your favorite bold statement necklace to give it that “I actually look like I’m trying” vibe! I’m all about shortcuts & this is the perfect look for someone who may not be quite as dressy but still gives that essence of a ‘put together’ look. Check out a TON of great accessories here: http://pinkslipboutique.com/collections/accessories

Senior Style Guide

Senior Style Guide

“Still staying within the black/white/gray family, we’re now adding a bit of pattern & texture to help bring some depth to the outfit. Paired with a great pair of dark/black denim, you can dress this up with heels or keep it casual with a cute pair of Nike High Tops to give that fun urban flare! You also cannot go wrong with a trendy graphic tee – it adds SO much personality. This “Little Black Shirt” (Found Here: http://pinkslipboutique.com/products/little-black-shirt) is the perfect option. Simple enough, but totally gives a little edge. Imagine a red flannel tied around the waist, some combat boots & you’ve got that 90’s grunge but with a modern twist!”

Senior Style Guide

“Let’s say you still wanted to bring just a bit of color in, but keep it to a minimum. There’s definitely an opportunity to keep within those neutral tones, but having that little surprise added in to add personality & POP! Imagine this layered with a great leather jacket for added depth & dimension to the outfit – and you’re set! Grab this Diamonds Are Forever top @ http://pinkslipboutique.com/products/diamonds-are-forever-pink-navy-top-1

Senior Style Guide

“Now, let us toss in some Beige & Creme tones and I’d say we’re smooth sailing! With this Party Cardi (http://pinkslipboutique.com/products/party-cardi-mocha) we’re still keeping simplistic, but offering a bit more warmth and depth to the overall color palette. Bring in a little sparkle with some gold chain necklaces to add that soft embellishment around the neck to give it that little extra something!

So, how are you feeling about neutrals now? I surely hope you’re ready to rock it out & help your Seniors understand the awesome-ness that is Neutrals With a Twist!

Be sure to keep up with Pink Slip Boutique for tons of great outfit ideas. Order online with FREE shipping & Take 20% OFF your entire order by using the code ‘SENIORSTYLE’ @ checkout!”

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HOLY WOW, Stephanie!! Such an awesome post…and I love the photos and these looks! Thanks so much for these tips and I hope some of yall will take advantage of that coupon code!

Stay Stylish!