What to Wear Wednesday…with Sarah Elle

It’s WTWW! And with this week comes a new month, a new theme, and excitement! I’ve been looking forward to an urban theme, so this month has me jumping for joy:)

To kick things off, we have Sarah Elle Photography talking to us about GRUNGE urban sessions.

“Today might not be Thursday but we’re going to throw it back anyway – alllll the way to the 90s (seriously, though, that was 25 years ago)!

Today’s What to Wear Wednesday is about the “grunge” fashion made crazy popular back in the early to mid 1990s. Think Nirvana, Pearl Jam, My So Called Life, MTV when Carson Daly worked there, and Gwen Stefani prior to her “Hollaback Girl” days. Not sure what all of those references are? No worries! I’ve got an easy to follow break down of how to nail the grunge look without having to buy a whole new wardrobe!

  1. Grunge is ALL About the LayersSenior Style Guide

    As you can see by the outfit my model, Shyanna, is wearing, grunge lives for the layers. It’s not about just adding a leather jacket or throwing in a button down shirt to your look but rather it’s about wearing a shirt, a button down, a sweater pull over, AND a jacket all at the same time. And, if you haven’t noticed yet, not only is Shyanna pulling off jean shorts in the winter time (this was shot in February) but she’s doing it while flawlessly promoting the grunge look by pairing the jean shorts with knit tights.
    Layers, layers, layers are a MUST when channeling the grunge style.

  2. Accessories MatterSenior Style Guide

    When it comes to accessorizing the grunge look you can do so by pulling what you’ve learned from number 1 and layering, or you can do single, more understated pieces of jewelry; your choice. Regardless of how you accessorize with this style it is important to recognize that you won’t be seeing a big, chunky hot pink floral necklace with this look; instead, you will want to go with edgier shapes like triangles and diamonds and stick with metals like silver and gold – nothing fluorescent for the grunge gal!

  3. Stiletto? More like Stilet-NO!
    High heels and jeweled flip flops are a no go for this look. Be sure to aim for boots and converse when going grunge.Senior Style Guide
  4. Red Lips
    If you’ve ever wanted to rock the bold red lip then this is your big chance! A bold lip is the final cherry on top of the grunge sundae so definitely go for it when you’re rocking this awesome style!Senior Style Guide

See how easy grunge is? Plus, it leaves a lot of room for you to really make the style your own. Play around with your layers, choose your jewelry color, grab a bold lip and you’re set!”

Wow, Sarah! I’m loving all these tips! Urban grunge can definitely be something fun to play around with! Love the images as well:) I am so excited for this month’s urban theme!!

Stay Stylish!