What to Wear Wednesday…with Michele Durham

Its WTWW and this week we have Michele Durham of U Shine Photography joining us! She has some tips for us as we continue July’s Americana theme!

“One of the most FAQ’s I get asked by a High School Senior when booking her sesh is, “what should I wear?” It’s the question that hovers around us day in and day out…we look at our closet full of clothes and accessories and shows and still, sometimes, feel like we don’t have anything to wear. What I’m loving about fashion right now is the mix. I love a good mash-up and use Polyvore for inspiration. For this shoot with Kenzie, we were definitely inspired by the Americana look. This look in itself can range so much, which makes it a ton of fun. We opted for a more classic look with a twist. Like a classic chambray shirt paired with the pop of the ultra feminine tulle skirt.

Senior Style Guide


I love clothing with movement and texture. I want my models to feel like themselves and be able to move with confidence during our shoot together. I mean, who doesn’t like to twirl around or splash a bit of water? Between wardrobe changes, we do a fun “freestyle pose” It adds to the memorable experience and brings out authentic laughs and smiles.

Senior Style Guide ushine_0035 Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

Of course, with any Americana style, you’ve gotta incorporate cowboy boots right?! Pairing boots with shorts is one of my all time fave summertime looks – this look can be casual, which Kenzie pulls off perfectly. Wardrobe is a huge part of the Senior photoshoot – however, I like to enhance the models personality so she shines through.

Senior Style Guide

​ Like they say, if they’re gonna stare, make it worth their while.
Smiles & Confetti ~ Michele ​”
Thanks so much for these light and fun images, Michele! I love the classic appeal of the first look and the youthfulness of the others! Americana is just so fun:)
Stay Stylish!