What to Wear Wednesday…with Lori Brady

It’s WTWW…and this week we have Lori Brady of BradyCrew Photography joining us to continue our Studio theme! Let’s see what she has to say about Studio Casual sessions.

“I feel honored to speak on the subject of Studio shooting as I have just begun adding studio shooting to my offerings for my seniors. My discovery of constant lights using multiple ring lights has opened my options for Studio Casual and I am including sports uniforms.

My clients and I have a pre-consultation session about a week or so before their shoot to plan their wardrobe changes and shooting locations. One of my favorite parts of the process is to hear their own visions for what their images can be. Studio Casual has opened up so many more options for sessions. Studio Casual doesn’t have to be the faux green ivy and standing white pillar anymore.

For this first look I brought out a very colorful backdrop and Aylissa was happy to pair some of her things and some of mine to create this simple but graphic black and white ensemble, including the fun black and white hat with the striped skirt, which allowed Aylissa to show off her personality and really made her pop off that great colorful backdrop.  The simplicity of the black and white became so playful with all that color!

Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

Hannah went almost a complete 360. But truly it is her personality. Her white blonde hair (yes its natural) paired beautifully with the simple cornflower blue sundress and statement earrings. The calm tones of the blue on the fashion grey seamless really allowed her skin tone, hair and eye color to shine!

Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

Every senior client should have the opportunity to show their personality and talents in their images. My addition of studio sports has become very popular. This is not your typical sports image on the ball field or court.  Urban texture backdrop gives lots of options for coordinating with any school uniform colors. Shown in black and white and in color their game face is almost their best accessory.  Complete the look with their favorite uniform, equipment, the addition of a little sports eye black, a misting water bottle, and a large fan. Sports, becomes “EXTREME” studio sports.”

Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

Senior Style Guide

Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

Studio Casuals have certainly come a long way from the pillars and ivy! HA! I love how any senior can find a way to showcase their personality through studio portraits. Lori, it def seems key to consult with them and understand their likes and personality in order to help plan the studio set up. I love how you mentioned that! Thanks so much for joining us and sharing your process with us! FAB images as well:)

Stay Stylish!