What to Wear Wednesday….with Leslie Savage

It’s WTWW! The theme for the month of June will be Boho! I’m excited to kick things off with a post from Leslie Savage Photography!

“BOHO – It’s not just a current trend but it’s derived from the bohemian lifestyle – a movement of artists, musicians, and wanderers. It’s an expression of freedom, endless summer, and wanderlust.

Senior Style Guide
When I branded my business a few years ago I developed it around this particular style. It wasn’t even necessarily popular yet but it’s my go-to styling look and my preferred creative outlet. I just love the boho style as it infuses hazy sunlight, movement, and beautiful imperfection in the images. I encourage you to head over to Pinterest and type in the word “boho”, and you’ll quickly get lost in all the images and ideas. I started following Free People and Anthropologie on Pinterest so my feed is constantly oozing with natural elements, braids, raw stones, fringe and lace.
Senior Style Guide
Lately in Senior photography we see a lot of felt fedoras, long necklaces, flowy skirts and dresses, or cute rompers paired with leather booties. Oh, and kimonos?! I literally wear one every day! Whether it’s incorporating small elements of this style to boost up a simple outfit, or whether it’s layering a fringe, floral kimono over a lace top and accessorizing heavily, you can rock it either way!
When this client showed up with this outfit, I just about died from it’s perfection!
This year at my studio I transformed the front room into a boutique that’s open to the public but originally created so that clients would be able to purchase items for their sessions. Although I have some jewelry and clothing items that appeal to the majority of all Seniors, the main vibe of the boutique is the boho look. I love that it’s enabling me to style some of my own sessions! It’s definitely a lot to take on, both running a photography business and a boutique, but it’s made my studio a destination and welcoming place for Seniors, and totally exposing the Seniors to this amazing style even more while also defining my work!
This image is from a recent Senior Model shoot where I was able to style this look to some greater extremes, including a DIY teepee!
Senior Style Guide
With this client we both loved the boho look and I wanted to get some hazy, super sunny images just for fun, so she wore clothing that had movement, some natural stone necklaces, and we chased the sun!
Senior Style Guide
At my Senior Model shoot I styled the girls in soft, white and airy layers, with long, draping necklaces, braids snuck in throughout their hair, and shot with movement, sunlight, and a natural feel in mind, so we shot in open fields and along the water.
Senior Style Guide
Fringe, flowers, mixing patterns, loose, imperfect curls, and again, more movement!
Senior Style Guide
Whether it’s a trend that comes to pass or not, I personally will always embrace it’s carefree spirit and style in my gypsy soul!
Coachella, anyone?!”
Senior Style Guide
Thanks so much for sharing your style with us, Leslie! Gorgeous images!
Do you love the Boho look? Share your recent sessions with us HERE!
Stay Stylish!