What to Wear Wednesday…with Hope Toliver

It’s WTWW! This week we have Hope Toliver, of Hope Toliver Photography, sharing about color harmony!

“One of the things that my clients love and probably hate a little bit too is that I don’t leave styling to chance.  My preference is to have an idea of clients plan to wear so that I can match their styling choices to complementary locations.  I love when location and styling choices blend well and create perfect color harmony.  It makes for more interesting and visually pleasing portraits.”

Senior Style Guide

“Choosing location and background scenery can also be an effective ways to help your subject pop and stand out in their portraits by remembering complimentary colors (blue / yellow, red/green, coral/teal, etc).”

Senior Style Guide

So true!!! Thanks so much for joining us this week, Hope! Love these images:)