What to Wear Wednesday…with Amanda Nelson

It’s WTWW! Seriously, one of my fave days of the week:) This week we have Amanda Nelson Photography joining us to continue our urban theme. She’s gonna chat with us all about graphic tees! I’ve been dying for someone to do this topic!!

“Whether it’s edgy or sweet, loud or quiet, a graphic tee can be a great piece to add to your senior portrait wardrobe. Urban settings provide the perfect backdrop.

Here are three fun ways to utilize a graphic tee:



Graphic tees in a supporting role are used as the base layer. It’s adding layers to the tee so that while it’s not front and center, it is the foundation on which the outfit is built.

Here, Angelica started with a fun pair of distressed jeans and a sleeveless graphic tee. She added a cropped jean jacket, layered necklaces, big earrings and finished the look with a bold ring and some bracelets. We wanted to shoot this outfit in a more grungy urban setting, so we found an ally that fit the bill. The icing on the cake? There was a motorcycle parked nearby that we utilized in one of the shots.

Senior Style Guide

Charissa’s tee is a great foundation for her black skirt and white jacket. Topped off with a beaded necklace, chunky rings and ankle boots. This outfit has enough contrast to hold it’s own in this graffiti covered doorway.

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Graphic tees that take a leading role set the tone for the outfit. They can either bold and in your face, or simple with only a word or two, but either way, they make a statement.

When I hear graphic tees, I picture girls on longboards with beachy hair. Here, Charissa and Ivy let their graphic tees play a leading role by simply pairing them with cute cut off shorts. Sunglasses and hats finish the look and they’re ready to hit the streets with their boards. We thought that the perfect Urban location was a fabulous roof top garage where we could use the cityscape as our background.


Senior Style Guide Senior Style Guide

Ivy’s mom actually designed this graphic tee and used Ivy’s mouth as the model! How cool is that?

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Music is Angelica’s passion. She is interested in studying to become a music producer, so we wanted the location to represent that. We photographed this graphic tee outfit in a parking garage to recreate what it looks like when she is on her way to a concert. She anchored the shirt with distressed jeans with a grunge inspired plaid button up around her waist.

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The juxtaposition of a graphic tee with dressier pieces is a fabulous way to be photographed around the city. Pair it with a blazer and jeans and a feminine necklace or add a skirt and some heals. It’s something unexpected and fun.

Speaking of unexpected, I love how Rieley pairs her graphic tee with her tutu and point shoes. She leaves her tights undone but her hair and makeup are both stage-ready. She is the center of attention in her bold black and white ensemble with the muted tones of the city skyline behind her.

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Here, her graphic tee tops off her leotard. She wears her grandmother’s pearl earrings and necklace and has a bow around her bun. The contrast of a dirty graffiti filled doorway is a fun way to draw attention to the dressier components of her outfit.


Graphic tees in an urban setting are so much fun! So wear yours as the main focus, just peaking out, or mixed with other pieces that dress it up. It’s a must-have piece for your senior portraits.”


I love all of these different ways to show off graphic tees! I mean seriously, there is a graphic tee out there for EVERYONE! All seniors can totally find a way to incorporate them! Thanks so much for sharing your images and tips with us, Amanda!

Stay Stylish!