What to Wear Wednesday…Featuring Jen Bertrand PART 2

It’s WTWW! Jen Bertrand is back with us again this week for Part 2 of her amazing advice on Guy Style-LAYERS!

“Last week I gave a quick overview about one of my favorite things about menswear – layering! This week, I dig a bit deeper to give you some insight into just how easy this technique is, even with a limited wardrobe. To really put layering to the test, I narrowed my model’s wardrobe down to 8 pieces that just about every guy has in their closet – jeans, graphic t-shirt, button down shirt, v-neck sweater, cardigan, hoodie, suit coat, and tie. With just these items, we created 15 different looks, each of which had its own distinct style. THIS, my friends, is why I LOVE menswear.”

 Senior Style Guide

“I started with the lone graphic tee to show just how bland a t-shirt is when pitted against a layered outfit. Now, there are certainly times when a simple tee makes a serious statement (James Dean, anyone?). However, it must fit well and still be styled well in order to make an impact (rolled jeans, Wayfarers, loafers, etc.). But, this t-shirt by itself? Kinda sad, huh?”

Senior Style Guide

“Adding something as simple as a button down shirt over the tee gives it some life! The extra collar adds depth to the neckline, making the outfit a bit more refined even in its most casual state. A button down is such a versatile staple – you can leave it open, button it up a little more than halfway, tuck it in, leave it untucked, leave the sleeves down, or even roll them up.”

Senior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

“Tossing a tie or a suit coat into the mix creates a more sophisticated, sometimes formal feel, but you can keep these looks relaxed by pairing them with casual items such as a tee, an open button down, v-neck sweater, and even a hoodie.”

Senior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style GuideSenior Style Guide

“The more you begin to layer items, the more aware you need to be of the bulkiness and the fit of the final product. Even though they’re guys, it doesn’t mean their wardrobe shouldn’t fit well. So, don’t be afraid to use small, rubber tipped clamps to pin their clothing as necessary for a more tailored silhouette. Just be sure to hide the clamps from the camera and adjust them as necessary so they don’t pull the fabric or peek out on the sides.

As you can see, by simply adding and subtracting pieces, we were able to create a flow to the wardrobe changes that created a multitude of looks with very little effort. Keep in mind that we only had one pair of pants and no additional accessories (hat, sunglasses, socks, jewelry, etc.). By changing the pants and shoes, as well as adding accessories, you’ll find that your senior guys will have a lot more to work with than you ever thought possible.”

Wow Jen…just wow! I love all of this…and your photos give the PERFECT visuals of these different looks!
Thanks so much for your tips on GUY STYLE! You can find more of Jen’s work HERE!