What To Wear Wednesday…Brooke Daniels

Today’s What To Wear Wednesday comes from my good friend Brooke Daniels!  She is amazing and always a friend to SSG!

Here is Brooke’s advice…

What’s the first question seniors ask their photographer after booking their portrait session?  “What should I wear?” Wardrobe and styling have a huge impact in the overall look of photographs.  What looks pretty on a hanger, doesn’t always reflect well on camera.  There are a few general rules for what photographs well, like medium tone solids and mixing hues and textures, but sometimes it’s the unexpected piece that packs the biggest punch!


Last week we traveled to the fashion capitol of the world for a destination senior shoot with three of our clients.  Every week is fashion week in NYC, so we were captivated over our two day shoot by all of the gorgeous wardrobes, both in the windows and walking down the streets.  Major metropolitan areas and fashion magazines are usually a few months ahead of the curve for what is buzzing in the halls of high school. Some of the hot trends might take a little while to reach suburban America, so it’s nice to
stay ahead of the game and know what’s around the bend!


Danielle, Jessica and Hannah are high school seniors at different schools in Virginia.  I sat down with each of them to find out what are some of their must-have fall items.  Who better to talk fashion with than teens with great style!


Danielle says her favorite fall looks are boots, comfy cardigans and leggings.  She also loves gloves and boot socks with a wool peacoat.

Jessica’s fall shopping list includes leather jackets with embellishments and parachute pants.  She loves all things lace, chunky jewelry and headbands.

Hannah the Fashionista can’t live without her oversized sweaters, graphic leggings and tall boots.  She is a fan of plaid flannel and Barbour jackets.  Beanies and scarves make a great accent when paired with layered necklaces.


Thanks to Kate Middleton sporting her Barbour vests, they have started to become wildly popular in the US as well. Although the quilted outerwear has a unisex feel, when paired with layered bangle bracelets, a cute pair of short booties and a knit beanie, you can bring out a more feminine look that is classic.


While shooting in the Big Apple, we photographed the new fall line for two trendy clothing boutiques, Virginia Hill in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Memento in Atlanta, Georgia.  Pieces included cable knit boot socks with lace trim, suede wrap dress with zippers, graphic print pants, accents of bows, sequins, leather pockets and ruffles, lace scarves, and bright colored jewelry.  One thing is for certain, this fall is full of color, texture and dynamic silhouettes!


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Thank you Brooke!  As always you are amazing!