What Do HOT 100 Images Look Like?


There are only a few weeks left to enter the HOT 100 this year! So in honor of our 3rd. HOT 100 contest, I am going to be sharing a few winning images each week with you.  Please keep in mind that the leading legends judges change each year, but it never hurts to see what images have received this coveted award from the previous year!  And don’t forget this year we added “The TWIST!”  To read more about it and to enter click HERE!

I love the HOT 100.  Why?
Simple. This is one of my favorite times of year because I get to see your images.  This contest allows me to discover new talent to feature on the blog and in the magazine. Yes YOU!  I am always blown away by the talent in this industry.

But the burning question is why submit?  Well for no other reason than to force yourself to take a long hard look at your work.  I have done it for other publications in the past and trust me I learned a lot by simply selecting which images I would submit.  Do I win every time?  Absolutely not!  But when I do I know it was because that image rocked.  It was technically sound.  And when I don’t win, I realize that “no means not yet”.  It is not the end of the world.  I learned from the process.  I grew as a photographer.  And yes, this process helps us grow.  As creatives it is very difficult to put yourself out there.  I understand.  I get it.  But by putting yourself out there you are growing.  Think of it this way…If you have a photographer in your area who photographs seniors, do you want them to be on the list of the HOT 100 and not you?  Because you know what is going to happen…they are going to be shouting it from the rooftops that they are one of the HOT 100 senior photographers in the country and everyone is going to see it.  What if you didn’t enter?  I am sure the woulda coulda shoulda talk would be swarming in your head right about now!  And do you really want to hide from social media for months seeing your local people potentially have the buttons on their profiles for the next year?

There is nothing worse in this world than regret.   It is best to put yourself out there than not at all.  Take a chance.  You can do this! Repeat after me…“This is the year I enter.”

So now that we have had that pep talk, let’s look at some winning images from last year shall we?


Category:  SOOC (Straight Out Of The Camera)
Image provided by:  Alyssa Chappell Photography
ACP Senior Portrait-1copya

Category:  Studio

Image Provided By:  Amanda Dyer Photography


Category: Glam

Image provided by:  Nicole Cook

nicolecook - GLAM wmI will be highlighting more images next week.  But until then, start a folder on your desktop labeled HOT 100 and start putting images in it.  This will help you when you enter!