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3 Creative ways to up-sell your Senior photography packages.


1. Be Fabulous Customizable Senior Magazine

A custom client magazine, such as the Be Fabulous Magazine, will help create a unique experience for your senior client while still turning a profit. This tool will showcase a senior’s individuality, and increase your revenue potential.

For example, a 12-page magazine template can cost less than $4.00 each to print. The cost is so low that even when you add in a profit margin the retail price is affordable. To maximize revenue, package the add-on as a bundle deal to encourage buying in bulk. For example, if you price a pack of 10 with a retail price of $250, you’ve just made a profit of $210. This is a suggested retail price that will vary according to your business model and clientele.

By offering a bulk pack, the student can keep one, and give a couple to their closest friends. Moms, on the other hand, can proudly show-off her gorgeous daughter (or son) to co-workers, the ladies at the gym, and even the owner of the pizza place where they’ve celebrated every milestone in their student’s life. Once they start making a list of everyone they want to share it with – they may need to buy two packs!

The template is easy to use and will save you time. No fussy layouts, no lengthy font choices. You just drop in your photos and send it off to the printer. The clean layout & design makes it perfect for every student. The cover features the student’s name and photo. While you may think the title “Be Fabulous” is just for the ladies, you can change it to be male student friendly. How about “Be Awesome” or “Rock On”? The colors can also be modified to black, grey or other colors to suit your male clients.

Each magazine contains articles written with the student’s own words. The content is easily gathered with customized forms that come with the template. Just select the information & questions you want the student to provide and you can print a copy or create a .pdf and e-mail it to them. Articles that you’ll use are the “Top 5 Facts No-One Knows about You” and questions like “What are your goals and dreams today” and “Where do you see yourself in five years?” For your clients, this creates an opportunity to freeze time and remember it for the rest of their lives.


2. Graduation Announcement Customizable Senior Magazine

The graduation announcement is perfect for clients that are looking for something with a practical use. Not only does the Senior Graduation Magazine include pictures and articles written by the graduate, it also includes a graduation announcement that can be utilized as an invitation.

The student’s picture is placed on the cover with their name and the headline “{Insert student’s name} is Graduating.” Inside the student can write a “Letter from the Editor”, and a Q&A with the graduate. Any graduate with extended family in different parts of the country would love to receive this in the mail. Pictures of the graduate are featured throughout the magazine and in spreads behind the articles.

A bonus to photographers is that the back cover is an ad for your business. Recipients of the magazine will know exactly where it came from. Since they will keep the magazine as a memento, and pass it around to all of their family and friends, your ad will be seen by an innumerable amount of potential clients.

To sell this magazine, peak their interest with a digital version. Once you purchase the template, the digital versions are free. Take two minutes to pop in their best photos on the cover and show it off when they come into to the studio for their session review. It costs your nothing and will increase your bottom line.


3. Senior Modeling Welcome Guide

The final custom magazine designed specifically to help you increase your bottom line during the Senior Photography Season is the client welcome guide. The purpose of this guide is to let the clients know what to expect from a senior photography session with you.

The template for the cover is eye catching and modern. In order to appeal to the widest audience, create multiple covers. Sport shots will appeal to your athletic customers, just as a girl in a fashionable outfit will appeal to the ladies. Once they pick up the guide, the inside will do the selling for you.

The 12-page magazine contains pre-written articles to encourage your senior client’s excitement for their senior photos. Texts that are included are “Tips to Rock Your Senior Session”, and “Welcome Seniors”. You don’t have to waste time thinking of marketing copy or interesting ways to create buzz. Just change the colors to match your branding, swap out all of the pictures for your own – and you have a custom magazine for your own business in no time.

This guide will generate enthusiasm from clients and parents all while showcasing your best work and boosting your bottom line.

I hope this has been helpful to you and that the creative juices are overflowing. If you have other ideas you’d like to share on how to incorporate magazine templates into your photography business, please let me know by commenting on this post.

You can download a free Graduation announcement template by clicking here.


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By Cindy Reeves

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