Usage License Agreement

Senior Style Guide

Modern Teen Style

This Perpetual Limited Image Usage License requested by Senior Style Guide / Modern Teen Style (herein known as The Company) and granted by:


(herein known as The Artist) signed on this day,

The Artist grants permission to The Company an exclusive and non-transferable perpetual license for the following uses of images or other copyrighted material owned and submitted by The Artist:

  1. Unlimited reproduction/print run and electronic sale license for one (1) print/digital publication of Senior Style Guide or Modern Teen Style.
  2. Unlimited reproduction/print run and electronic sale license for print/digital promotional materials pertaining to the single publication including (but not limited to) advertisements, commercials, posters, books, and websites or any other promotion of Senior Style Guide or Modern Teen Style.

The Artist retains all copyright and moral rights attached to this image as well as any other rights which may not be detailed in this agreement.

This license carries no monetary, or other compensational, value owed to The Artist (or any subjects/parties within the image) by The Company.

Credit/Acknowledgement to The Artist must be given when the image is published, either with a picture credit, caption or a link/acknowledgement in the publication or any/all other promotional materials as \”©Artist\’s Name\”.

The Company may alter the crop, image size or overlay text to fit within the usage. The Company may not electronically alter the image in any other way to suit their purposes for the usage stated above.

The Company reserves the right to edit your article for clarity, length and style. The burden of fact checking falls to you as the writer. We will spot check the articles, sometimes in depth, but we need our writers to assume responsibility for the details of their articles.

The Company will protect all final artwork, to the best of our abilities, against duplication and/or alteration from third parties. The Artist indemnifies and holds harmless The Company against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses stemming from uses granted within, or not included within, this license, duplication and/or alteration by third parties or any claim by a third party, including but not limited to model releases, related to the use of the image.

The Artist warrants and represents that the submitted material is original work of The Artist and that they retain a the work\’s original copyright. The Artist also warrants that they hold model releases for every individual within the submitted images for publication.

This perpetual license is EXCLUSIVE and The Artist can not submit the same artwork to another company, blog, social media, etc for 6 months from the date of publication.

Upon submission by The Artist, this license is permanent and binding.