The Share The Love Project…Be Part Of The Solution

It is time to share the love…

Over a month ago  I put a call out to some of my industry friends explaining that this Valentine’s Day I wanted to put a smile on 3 photographers faces.  I wanted to send them “love letters.”  (Disclaimer:  This was the result of a phone conversation that when two people come together…watch out!)

Ultimately, I just wanted them to know they were being thought of.  Each and every single person I approached about this project said YES without hesitation.  Why?  Because this industry is made up of some of the best people.  These photographers make a difference every time they pick up their cameras.  Think of how we look up to them and the beautiful imagery in their feeds.  But guess what?  They are the most humble and gracious women you will ever meet.  I want to formally say Thank You to them here:
Amanda Holloway

Stephanie Pana

Chelsea Atkins

Brooke Daniels

Latasha Haynes

Kalyn Yeager of Coco.Laine

Jen Bertrand

Nicole Cook

Stephanie Newbold

Christina Ramirez

Devon Jones

Susie Moore

Thank you does not begin to cover the amount of love that you ladies have for this industry.  Love is powerful.  And their love radiates.

So we got together in one big happy private message group and The Share The Love Project was born.  Weeks of coordination of love letters and gifts ensued.  Ultimately everything ended up at my home and I started boxing up packages for the three special photographers!  My pool table looked like a bomb had gone off on it and in my media room was covered with cardboard boxes galore!

IMG_5821I spent a Sunday afternoon sorting and organizing the packages.  But we did not stop there.  Each of the photographers went on to assist with 50 more goodie bags to be sent out in Phase II (this week) a little teaser is pictured of them lining the pool table.  After everything was sorted I quickly took a few iPhone photos to share in the group.  These ladies were ecstatic to see just how much “love” they were sharing!

The next step was to wait for UPS to pick up the packages and start delivering.  Everyone had tracking numbers to stalk online to know when the “share the love” packages were arriving at each girls doorstep.  We were so excited.

Salome Klopfenstein received her package first.  Below are some photos her husband took of her!


Rai 4And then he took some video because she was so excited.  To see the video CLICK HERE 

The video put such a smile on my face because I really wish all 13 of us could have been at each girls home as the UPS man delivered their love!

Rai Cox was next on the list with her package arriving the next day.  Rai had us all in tears with the photos that her son took of her opening the letters and gifts.  Here are a few of them…

Rai 2
Rai 5

And last but not least we had Renee of Renee Marchelle Photography!  Her package arrived Friday!

I believe the night before she posted on Facebook she was craving chocolate which got us all excited since there was going to be a ton of chocolate arriving the next day!

Here is a video Renee posted!

I am pretty excited about the next round of Share The Love goodies.  This is the year to bring positivity to the forefront.  Would you like to be a part of future endeavors with Share The Love?  We are always looking for more ways to show photographers how much they matter.  To become a part of this movement with Senior Style Guide, email me at:
I look forward to spreading even more love this year!