The PUSH Experience


Thoughts, thankfulness and ramblings from this past week…

I am finally home and somewhat rested after the PUSH Conference.  After a few days of leaving social media, turning my phone off and in general spending time with my family I feel like some of the words can come to me.  Before, I was a grateful mess.  If you wanted a coherent thought out of me after the conference, it wasn’t happening.  This conference, like Senior Style Guide, is my baby.  I put everything I had to give into bringing this together for our 50 amazing attendees.  My speakers gave ALL they had to give and more.  I cannot even begin to express how proud I am of this family and to have them by my side.


This was my dream.  To put together a conference that incorporated community, motivation, giving, complete education, inspiration, hands on interaction with all speakers and a charitable element to continue the giving long after the suitcases are unpacked.  But this just doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens with big hearts full of love and a giving, caring spirit.  And that is exactly what everyone got from the speakers, the sponsors, the models, the hair and makeup team, the parents of the models, Beauty Revived and The Snap Society.  Everyone who walked through that door came prepared to give 100%.  Little did I know they got together and gave 1000%.  Call a girl blessed to have these people in her life as friends, call it whatever you want, but I am calling it nothing short of a gift from above.  They came, they taught, they encouraged and they rolled their sleeves up and helped.  There is a reason they are THE TOP of the industry.  Minds were blown during presentations and education was reinforced during late night after hours pods that typically ran until 2am.

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Let’s talk about the attendees for a second.  Each of them were happy and ready to experience what would be the first PUSH Conference.  They took a chance on me.  This was an unknown.  Something no one had experienced.  But they each committed themselves to this experience fully.  We had attendees from Hawaii and New York and everywhere in between.  To travel that far for something that they did not have anything to compare to spoke volumes of everyone’s commitment.  I believe Sarah Elliott said it best when she coined the term #pushsisters and let’s not forget our #pushbrothers.  This was one big family from sun up to sun down.  Pushing each others businesses to new levels.  I watched the attendees encourage each other and high five each other over every achievement.  There were forever friendships created this past week and existing friendships strengthened.  There were moments when in the midst of running around tending to small details I caught myself stopping to smell the roses for a brief second and smiling at what I saw.  I envisioned this, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would surpass my vision.  I am still pinching myself at what happened this week.  We were in a creative bubble and it was bliss.

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To my sponsors…

Thank you.  From the luxury swag boxes to the meals and everything in between, none of this would be possible on this level without you.

I am going to attempt to thank all the sponsors for the luxury swag boxes and meals here…

A BIG shout out to ProDpi for providing all printed materials for the PUSH Conference!



Dinner-Sticky Albums


Lunch-The Modern Collective

Dinner-Studio Flow

Luxury Swag Boxes provided by Rice Studios

Luxury Letterpress Hangtags provided by Jupiter and Juno

Luxury USB Cases and Custom Slider Boxes provided by Photo Flash Drive

Custom PUSH Crystal flash drives provided by Photo Flash Drive

A special thank you to WHCC for sponsoring three of our speakers.

*To all of our swag providers, thank you.  We appreciate each and everyone of you.  Whether you provided printed goodies or items to be put on the flash drives.  Our attendees were overwhelmed by your kindness.

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From our in person vendors…

Thank you.  Being present from sun up to sun down to accommodate our attendees was HUGE.  Sigma lenses was present to loan lenses out to the attendees.  Roberts Camera had a pop up camera shop for attendees to purchase and borrow from and Rebooku was there to help the attendees with post processing needs.  What a dream team of vendors.  A huge shout out to Sigma and Roberts for sponsoring the after hours pods and to Rebooku for sponsoring the official PUSH T-shirt!

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Beauty Revived…

When Amanda Holloway came up with the Beauty Revived Auction, I had no idea it would blow up to the point it did.  Michelle, thank you for creating a Senior Style Guide Scholarship fund.  I know there is going to be one ecstatic senior this year when your board of directors selects from the 50 Most Beautiful Seniors.  One deserving teen will be receiving over $11,000 to go to college.  What a gift and an investment in their future.  Thank you to all of our speakers who donated items to the auction, for being there to answer questions and for being giving of your talents.  Thank you to our attendees who bid and bid generously for this cause.  I know that every item you won is going to help you with your business.  I cannot wait to hear what happens!

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The Snap Society…

When Jamie and I get on the phone crazy awesome things happen.  So having her here was a blessing.  Not only did she interview people as they came out of classes, she took over our social media, was a shoulder to lean and a powerhouse of energy.  She kept me going and going…  Jamie, thank you for the mugs for the attendees and being there!

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For the unexpected and unplanned…

Jen Bertrand, thank you for being willing to step up to the plate and open the conference when Mother Nature decided to attack and keep a speaker trapped both in the air and at an airport!  Thank you Brooke Daniels for switching days on the schedule to accommodate our speaker when she finally kissed the ground in INDIANA!  And thank you again to Amanda, Dan, Jen and Brooke who stayed up until 3 am the night before rearranging the schedule with me over and over until all the puzzle pieces fit.  And Dan Brouillette, thank you for taking over a styled shoot and rocking it at the last minute.  Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it.  I have learned you can plan for everything but the uncontrollable!  Did I mention I have the best speakers in the industry?  I joked early on they would ride crazy train, I just never anticipated they actually would!

To my attendee family and future attendee family…

We will be announcing the information for PUSH 2016 in the coming weeks.  I can tell you this:

1. We will keep it at 50 attendees.

2.  We are adding another day.

3.  We are adding a few more amazing speakers to the lineup.

4.  And well there is so much more to be revealed!

Until then, here is a awesome behind the scenes video captured by Lindsay Horn to hold you over! And if you want to see even more from PUSH 2015 be sure to follow our hashtag on instagram #thepushconference

Last Road Trip {PUSH Conference 2015} from Lindsay Horn on Vimeo.