The HOT 100 Image Winners of 2014!

I am so excited to reveal our HOT 100 image winners for this year!   I know you have all been waiting patiently.  This was a very difficult task for our judges, in fact it was almost impossible.  There were so many amazing images and each and every person who entered should feel proud of their work.    But there are only 10 spots per category so the competition was fierce!  And just like last year, we did have a handful of photographers take more than one category.  Wow that is not an easy task!

I really cannot thank  Coco.Laine,  Jen Basford and Latasha Haynes enough.  They put their time and expertise into carefully selecting the HOT 100 images of 2014.  These ladies poured through 4000+ images to come up with this list.  I cannot even imagine how difficult this was.  I am continually blown away and grateful that  our industry has such talented photographers photographing the senior market.

Below you will see the names per category and I will be revealing the images that correspond with the names when we release The HOT 100 Issue  on November 15th!  These images will only be revealed in the magazine and  I cannot wait to share these gorgeous images with you! And getting to know the talent behind them in the coming year!

Congratulations to the following photographers representing 2014’s HOT 100!  With the release of the magazine we will also be having a HOT 100 image button for your social media!  So once the magazine is released on November 15th, please contact us for your button!

I know you all are super excited so here is the list of winners who photographed the HOT 100 images of 2014!  Congratulations!


  1. Craig Stidham
  2. Clara Bella Photography
  3. Jessica Blex Photography
  4. Kreatid
  5. Lindsey Pantaleo
  6. Look Portrait
  7. Meg Borders
  8. Olivia Renee Photography
  9. Pam Omohundro Photography
  10. Megan Bryant Photography


Black and White

  1. Allison Ragsdale Photography
  2. Amanda Holloway
  3. Chelsea Atkins Photography
  4. Double L. Photography
  5. Evangeline Images
  6. Janese Hockman Photography
  7. Jessica Blex Photography
  8. Kody Diane
  9. Look Portrait
  10. Photography By Galicia


Country Chic

  1. Christina Ramirez Photography
  2. Janice Freeland Photography
  3. Jessica Blex Photography
  4. McAdoo Photo Artistry
  5. Michelle Gifford Photography
  6. Renee Bowen
  7. Olivia Renee Photography
  8. Chelsea Atkins Photography
  9. Lauren Blair
  10. Leslie Savage



  1. Callahan Photography
  2. Devon J Imagery
  3. Jessica Mastronie Photography
  4. McAdoo Photo Artistry
  5. Renee Bowen
  6. Amanda Holloway
  7. Audrey Boehme
  8. Michelle Moore
  9. Stacey Kyler
  10. Michelle Perry



  1. Barbara Marcella Photography
  2. Rs Jeff Richardson
  3. Nicole Cook
  4. Amanda Holloway
  5. Lauren Blair
  6. Mary Moua
  7. Stacey Kyler
  8. Janese Hockman
  9. Luckett Portrait Studio
  10. LOOK Portrait



  1. Amanda Holloway
  2. Brad Lovell Photography
  3. Jessica Mastronie Photography
  4. Kristen Weigel Photography
  5. Teri Fode
  6. The Siners
  7. LA Seniors
  8. Anna Pociask Photography
  9. Bekah Imagery
  10. Brooke Daniels Photography



  1. Allison Ragsdale Photography
  2. Baer Photography
  3. JP Searcy
  4. Kristen Weigel Photography
  5. LOOK Portrait
  6. Photography By Amanda Jayne
  7. Uptown Seniors By Kimberly E. Photography
  8. Kiwi Ashby Photography
  9. McAdoo Photography
  10. Craig Stidham



  1. Amanda Holloway
  2. Mary Moua Photography
  3. Megan Evans
  4. Michelle Moore
  5. Stephanie Newbold
  6. Anne Schillings Photography
  7. Nicole Cook
  8. Alyssa Chappell
  9. Jessica Mastronie Photography
  10. Double L Photography



  1. Amanda Holloway
  2. Amanda Dyer
  3. Audrey Boehme
  4. Jen Bertrand Photographie
  5. LOOK Portrait
  6. McAdoo Photo Artistry
  7. Nicole Cook
  8. Rs Jeff Richardson
  9. Studio 116
  10. Zero Four Photography



  1. Allison Ragsdale Photography
  2. Alyson Edie
  3. Amie Reinholz Photography
  4. Devon J. Imagery
  5. Jason Duchow Photography
  6. Kody Diane
  7. Olivia Renee Photography
  8. Amanda Holloway
  9. Bekah Imagery
  10. Kristie Bradley

Again, thank you to everyone who entered!  I am still blown away by the work submitted by everyone and can’t wait to see more from you in the future.