Texas Senior Session

Today’s submission is from Marcus of Paparacci Photography located in Tyler, Texas!

Here is what Marcus had to say about this session:  “This session is extremely special to because I was able to step outside the box and work with posing and lighting situations. Our first stop was the Public Library. This was difficult because the library kinda doesn’t allow photography inside so…We sneaked our way to the second floor. The lighting was dark and very brown, but I found a nice window light and played with the small aisles. I was very proud of the results. Next we went to Tyler Rose Garden where I was able to work with angles and low level posing. Karina was awesome…She puled up with car full of clothes and we spent at least 30mins piecing together outfits..me being a guy, it sometimes feels awkward picking out clothes and jewelry but my love for photography, style and the end result is well worth a few minutes of



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