Tarsha…Senior Session

Today’s submission is from Carolyn of Carolyn Scott Photography located in Raleigh,North Carolina!

Tarsha has quickly become my most special and meaningful session. Not only is she graduating high school, but she wasn’t supposed to. Two years ago, a tumor was found on Tarsha’s brain. Upon operating, they found that the tumor extended through her spinal chord. It couldn’t be completely removed, and her spinal chord was nicked in the process. What was supposed to be a few hours in the operating room turned into over 9 hours, and her parents were informed that Tarsha was unlikely to make it. In the unlikely chance that she did survive the operation, she would most likely not be able to walk, speak, or perform normal functions again… let alone graduate high school on time. Miraculously, Tarsha survived her operation despite the doctor’s predictions and despite an infection in her brain that was a result of the operation. Not only did she survive, but through her OT team at the hospital, Tarsha was able to regain all of her functions and walk two months later. She has no noticeable outward signs that this ever occurred except for a scar and her therapy dog, Pastry. 🙂 She is, despite every obstacle, graduating high school on time.”

This is a truly amazing story.  Wow the determination that Tarsha has shone made this session extra special for us to feature. Thank you Carolyn for the awesome photos and sharing Tarsha’s story with us!



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