SSG Product Or Service Spotlight In March 2014

Do you ever get overwhelmed when it comes to searching for a reputable photography related source that can provide you with random valuable tips and tricks in efforts to continuously learn?

With hundreds of photography blogs out on the internet, how does anyone go about narrowing down online sources of information to use or subscribe to the article posts without becoming frustrated?  Some of you may like articles that cover more of the business side or how to generate more clients, and some of you may only prefer to read about hands on photography gear and software suggestions etc…so in this sense, it is nice that we have multiple sources of information.

If the “hands on” side of photography related products and information interests you, then you will definitely want to read on and learn more about the awesome photography blog  that we are showcasing today, called:

improve photography offers a continuous learning advantage for any skill level photographer by way of featured articles, podcasts, online classes and so much more.

Improve Photography  –  founded by, professional photographer, Jim Harper.  This blog is visited by millions of photographers from around the world, and is followed on social media by over 250,000 photographers.   Members of the Improve Photography community enjoy Jim’s laid-back and relaxed teaching style and his willingness to share the techniques he learns related to the many categories of photography and more, such as: Portrait, Business, Nature, Sports and Post Processing Photography.


Here are a few highlighted subjects with in the blog that may interest you:


Photo Basics

This section is filled with basic photography tips and can be an excellent learning source for beginners, novice and professionals, depending on your interests and experiences.



In this section, you will discover a series of articles where they will walk you step-by-step through the basics of flash photography, and it’s totally free. Check it out….at


Online Classes – Learn with instructors Jim Harmer and Dustin Olsen

Be sure to check out some of their great online photography course options and choose from seven different online courses found on the blog or on a sister website at




Photoshop 1

Photoshop 2

Photoshop Elements



Recommended Photography Gear

TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars were spent on gear in the last few years and they tried many different products that companies have sent to them for product reviews.

Gear recommendations include: Flash Gear, Solid Tripods, Computers and Accessories, Filters, Cameras, Memory Cards, Camera Bags, Lenses and more.



They offer a very diverse focus on many photography categories that are an excellent source for “Learning on the go”.

In a podcast, the content is communicated directly to you, the listener, either verbally or through video. You decide what you want to hear, and when you want to hear.


In Conclusion

Be sure to check out this very informational blog source this week and make a point to subscribe to it’s very informational photography related articles and more…. and discover why hundreds of thousands of your fellow photographers are loyal followers and fans.

“Many thanks” to Jim Harmer and Dustin for their outstanding efforts towards the success of their blog and educating others.  There is no doubt that will continuously feed many minds with valuable information by way of article posts, podcasts, online classes and so much more in the years to come.




Jim would like to offer the 1st seven SSG readers the chance to win a FREE online course of their choice listed on which is a $98.00 value with lifetime course access!

All you have to do to enter the contest is visit and list one of the seven courses showcased towards the bottom of the page.  Once all seven classes have been noted in the comments on the SSG blog, we will select a winner.  Please note: each person can only list ONE course and it cannot be duplicated by the next reader commenting, meaning, each comment will have a different course answer until all seven are mentioned by separate individuals.


Note from the author:  Keep an open mind and try not to limit your sources of learning to just portrait related photography…learning a little bit of information through tips and tricks for example can really benefit you in areas you may not be as familiar with…for example, learning a few tips and tricks about “landscape photography” could change how you shoot your next high school senior client based on the background.  Not every clients desires strickly blurred backgrounds on their images.  Many would love the opportunity for a few images to simply tell a story or preserve a very important memory of a location in their home town or nearby that showcases the landscape in the background and more of where they spent time with friends and/or family.

Here are a few examples that I shot of former clients:




Article By Sherri Russell