SSG Product Or Service Spotlight – Ideal Camera Cover For The Busy Outdoor Portrait Photographer!


Looking for the ideal camera cover that is practical and easy to use during your busy outdoor portrait sessions?…Find yourself stretched too thin and just don’t have anymore time in your day to set aside to research camera covers before purchasing?…Well, we’ve got great news, “you don’t have to”…we have just completed the research for you and have discovered the ideal camera cover for all of you portrait photographers!

So set aside that time we just saved you for your family and friends, and be sure to check out this awesome product that we are featuring this month below!


Article by:  Sherri Russell

When we think of a camera cover, most of us relate to using them as protective gear while outdoors in the rain.  Well, rain may not be the only weather condition you will choose to use a camera cover after learning more.

When we think of a camera cover, some us may also relate its value mainly to landscape, nature or sports photographer, and not so much, for a high school senior portrait photographer.

In fact, a camera cover can add tremendous value to any a portrait photographer, especially with the unlimited editing options that the digital age has presented us to enhance an outdoor setting.  Long gone are the days of laser backdrops in a pop-up portrait studio.  Now parents are investing serious money in senior class pictures.


Teens today, don’t want to settle for average or the same when it comes to senior portraits. With so much exposure to the world through the internet, they see so much more diversity and want to showcase a unique portrait that expresses their individual style in a demographic fashion.

All this really means, is that more than likely, outdoor portrait sessions will increase in popularity with teens over the next few years due to the versatility and unlimited options.



In addition to the traditional rain protection that a camera cover provides, one can also be very” beneficial to a photographer’s performance” while working outdoors in many weather conditions, such as;

  1. DIRECT SUNLIGHT – Direct sunlight can cause a glare on a camera screen, making it very difficult to view images and/or adjust manual camera settings.  A camera cover will act as a shield and aid you to see more clearly by omitting the sun’s glare.
  2. REFLECTIONS – Both object and light, occurring near a lot of glass or glare from water can be irritating.  The camera head cover feature will help block these irritations.
  3. WIND – A very windy day (especially on a beach location) can damage your equipment just with the beach sand blowing all around your camera lens.  A camera cover will reduce the chance of sand invasion drastically.
  4. RAIN – Velcro strips allow you to wrap, roll up and secure your camera body and lens to suit according to size and shape.



With the increasing popularity of multiple outdoor locations for portraits with Teens, it only makes sense, now more than ever, to purchase a camera cover that will protect your valuable photography equipment – and be prepared for this years “Class of 2015” clients in advance!


One camera cover we discovered will surely benefit a portrait photographer, and it is made in America by small company in Texas called “The Vested Interest”.


vested interest camera cover 3-2500


This light weight camera cover is so extremely versatile, that we just had to share our knowledge of it with our readers, in hopes it may impress you as well.


vested interest camera cover 2-2500

Ten awesome features:

  1. Head protection – cover opens up in a manner which allows you to get your head under.
  2. Lens protection – the portion that covers the lens rolls back and secures with Velcro straps, making it accommodate multiple lens lengths.
  3. Adjustable – Velcro strips allow adjustments according to various camera sizes and shapes.
  4. Material – Durable “420 Denier pack cloth with a Urethane coating”.  This is the same material that parachutes are made from.
  5. Washable – Clean with mild soap and water
  6. Size –  Two sizes small/large.  The large canvas can be used for lens length up to Canon/Nikon 800
  7. Fast Delivery – Each camera cover is made and shipped within 1 to 2 days after ordering.
  8. Color Options – Navy, gray,  black, tan, od green, woodland camo, digital camo
  9. Storage – Folds up easy to take up less storage, when not in use.
  10. Warranty – For defects in manufacturing and materials


vested interest camera cover 1-2500

Be sure to visit “The Vested Interest” and “take action” to start protecting your high dollar photo equipment today! 


Our Senior Style Guide readers have three options to place an order for this camera cover: (PLEASE don’t let their basic website fool you—-this website is very simple in efforts to keep product prices down – so “no shopping cart”, but the product quality is FANTASTIC and the delivery will be fast after your order is confirmed!)

  1. FAX – print an order form (on website) and fax it
  2. EMAIL – the owner, John Storrie, at and tell him what you want to order and he can take care of you direct!
  3. CALL – direct at 1-800-928-0157 and place an order (if no answer, a representative you call you back shortly)


So now that we have completed the research and you agree that this camera cover is an “IDEAL” product for your business, the only task remaining is for you to visit The Vested Interest’s website and place your order!  

This ideal camera cover is available for an unbelievable price of only $45 (small) or $75 (large) !!!




In efforts for continuous improvements, tell us what your first impressions are about this product and answer the two questions below:

  1. Would you find value with a free storage pouch with each cover?
  2.  Would you use an “eyelet ring” or “strap” attached to the cover so that you can attach a clip and hang from a pants belt loop when not in use out on an outdoor session?

Leave your comments below for a chance to win a FREE cover by the end of 2014.



Camera Cover Manufacturer Contact Information:

The Vested Interest 

Address: 209 East Hickory St., Denton, TX 76201    (c/o John Storrie)

Phone: U.S. Only: 1 800 928 0157        Outside U.S.: 1+ 940 484 2222         Fax: 1+ 940 484 2221





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