SSG Product or Service Spotlight – Affordable Image Editing Software Option

By Sherri Russell

FACT- About 3.3 million students are expected to graduate from high school in 2013–14.  According to the Washington Post – Long gone are the days of laser backdrops in pop-up portrait studios.  Now parents are investing serious money in senior class pictures taken by fashion photographers.

Not every photographer has a huge nest egg to go out and purchase 20k worth of equip fresh out of college with student loans etc….So it is ok for some to start small and work their way up and earn higher quality gear as they can afford it…they can then sell their used equipment on amazon or e-bay later if they choose.   This practice of starting off with affordable options to run a business may also apply to image editing software thanks to Anthropics Technology Ltd.



Is your main photography interest is high school senior portraiture?  If so, then listen up, this SSG products and services spotlight could be an ideal application for your business.

Photoshop isn’t the only image-editing application on the block anymore- there are plenty of other choices that can you purchase for a fraction of the price and I will cover two alternative choices.


The 1st leading software contender is Portrait Professional.

Portrait Professional is available in three versions and range in price from approx. $40.00 to $120.00.

Standard – For amateur photographers working with JPG or 24-bit TIFF files.

Studio – For amateur or professional photographers who work directly with RAW files or want the higher quality of 48-bit colors.

Studio Max – For professional photographers or those working with very large images.


What might I want to use this software for?

•             Fix skin blemishes such as spots or pimples

•             Reduce and/or remove wrinkles

•             Remove grease, sweat or shine from the skin

•             Subtly reshape all or any aspect of the face

•             Enhance the eye and mouth shape color and sharpness

•             Smooth, recolor and thicken the subject’s hair

•             Adjust the lighting on the face



As a professional photographer, your skills at portrait retouching are hugely important to your business. You value the time spent learning your camera inside out; knowing exactly what settings to use to get the best results. You should equally value your time spent practicing with your photo editing software.  Two of my favorite features to use in Portrait Professional are skin smoothing and spot removal.


Skin smoothing

Portrait Professional makes it easy to deal with problems on the skin, like wrinkles or blemishes, while retaining the original skin texture. Just by moving sliders, these problems can automatically be reduced or removed entirely.

Removing spots

Portrait Professional has a unique ability to detect and remove most spots completely automatically. Freckles can also be automatically detected and reduced or eliminated.



If you do not own Portrait Professional and Smart Photo Editor, and you are a photographer who specializes in portraitures, then you should seriously consider reviewing a free trial and buying them for the bargain price alone.   And for you die hard Adobe Photoshop users, Anthropics does offer a version that can read Raw files and can also be used as a plug-in within Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom.


For more information, contact Anthropics Technology at

Portrait Professional reviews


The 2nd leading software contender is Smart Photo Editor by Anthropics Technology Ltd

Smart Photo Editor is a revolution in photo editing, from the makers of the world-leading Portrait Professional portrait enhancing software.  I like to use this software directly after I have edited my client’s skin and removed spots in Portrait Professional.



In Smart Photo Editor, you have access to thousands of effects that other users have created. You can quickly find effects that will work on your picture, and customize them exactly how you want. You are always in full control, but without the need to spend hours painstakingly building new effects from scratch.

Smart Photo Editor intelligently helps you find great effects for your photo out of the thousands of effects there. If you know what you are looking for, you can search for it directly. If you want ideas for your photo, Smart Photo Editor suggests them based on what’s in your photo.



How does Smart Photo Editor work?

At the heart of Smart Photo Editor are ‘effects’ – individual changes to a photo. These range from making basic tweaks, to completely transforming your photo.

Smart Photo Editor intelligently helps you find great effects for your photo out of the thousands of effects there. If you know what you are looking for, you can search for it directly. If you want ideas for your photo, Smart Photo Editor suggests them based on what’s in your photo.



Customize your chosen effect

Once you have found an effect you like, you have full control over customizing it exactly how you want. You can experiment with slider controls for the effect, you can change which part of your photo the effect is applied to, and more.

Sometimes, traditional photo editing software is either too complicated and time consuming, or too basic to get quality results. Smart Photo Editor brings you the best of both worlds – a photo editor that anyone can use, but with astonishing power and flexibility.

With Smart Photo Editor, anyone can get excellent results in minutes.



Don’t be fooled into thinking that our low price means the software is low quality –get the free trial and see for yourself what Smart Photo Editor can do for your own photos.

Visit Smart Photo Editor to learn more about this awesome and inexpensive software.



In appreciation of this product spotlight, Anthropics has authorized SSG to give away a FREE copy of Portrait Professional Studio Max 11 AND Smart Photo Editor to a lucky SSG winner!!!

Here are two options for opportunity to win software bundle – $150.00 Value!!!!

  1. Be one of 5 persons to  send me a SOOC portrait image that I can lightly edit (such as clear skin/spot removal) for you and you can let me know what you think of the results.
  2. Download a free trial version of one of Portrait Professional or Smart Photo Editor and comment on what you like about it on this post or you can email me directly at  by March 1st, 2014 to be eligible to win…and if you are having trouble leaving a comment, just send it to the email address noted.

Here are the links for a free trial download:


Winner will be selected by March 5th, 2014!