SSG Destinations…Pack Your Bags

Senior Style Guide + Brooke Daniels Photography have ventured to the tropical oasis of Isle of Palms, the fashion-forward city of lights
in NYC twice, and the majestic country of Iceland.  Criss-crossing the globe to make sure each location is as exciting and unique as the last. We received lots of feedback from both High School Senior Photographers and Wedding Photographers about what Destination YOU want next.  The trend in senior portraits and engagement/bridal portraits is leading toward an natural, earthy, organic feel that is surrounded by the beauty of nature with a free-spirited authentic vibe. We have searched the map high and low to bring you the most picturesque and dreamy location with a model team to blow your mind!

(Inspiration boards compiled from Pinterest for inspirational purposes only)
We invite you to join us for our 5th Destination Experience as we saddle up to head Out West to Montana as we explore Yellowstone National Park!  We will be staying at the world renowned Under Canvas resort which takes luxury glamping to another level, nestled at the foothills of the mountains on the West entrance of Yellowstone. Dates for this event are: arrive Friday August 10th.  Shoot Saturday August 11th with Sunday August 12th reserved as a rain date and fly out late on Sunday or the following Monday.  Brooke worked at Yellowstone one summer in college and has been dreaming of planning a shoot there for years.  It’s truly a photographer’s paradise!

Campfires, Rushing Rivers, Horses, Dream Catchers, Etherial Gowns, Dappled Light, Floral Crowns, Rugged Boots, Native American Indian jewelry, Wind-Blown Hair, Cowboy Hats, Mountain Ranges, Leather Embellishments, Candlelit Canvas Tent, Weathered Antlers, Waterfalls…
These are just a few words from our Mood Boards.  We spare no expense for wardrobes and styling that will tie every detail together and push your portfolio to new heights.  If you’ve been dreaming of offering senior portrait destinations, elopements for adventurous couples, or engagement/destination weddings in new areas, this is for you!  In order for your clientele to book your services, they have to first SEE what to expect with you behind the lens on a destination so they can envision themselves there with you. If you are wanting to push yourself creativity, travel to one of the most breath-taking spots on the planet, and make lifelong friendships with like-minded artists, then what are you waiting for?  This adventure is for YOU!
Our model team includes bridal couples, teen girls and guys (including agency-signed models).  We have a professional hair and makeup team onsite to carefully execute Brooke’s concept and styling.  Models have multiple wardrobe changes as we rotate through several different locations and background settings. We have the lowest 2:1 photographer to model ratio in the industry because we want to create an intimate environment where each photographer has plenty of time shooting each model.  This is not a huge shootout where photographers have to shoot between bodies or are rushed to get the image.  You will usually be paired up in a small group and can work with the models individually to get just the pose and look that fits your own brand and aesthetic.
Photographers are pampered with perks and gifts from our sponsors. We will gather the evening before for a optional Meet ‘n Greet like no other!  We’ll enjoy a rustic authentic Western Chuck Wagon Dinner and S’mores around the Campfire. Kick up your boots and relax before the big day!
Our attendees will have the choice between two exquisite adjacent lodging options.  Under Canvas for a modern glamping experience under the stars or just a stones throw away, Bar N Ranch for traditional private cabins or rooms within a rustic lodge for those who prefer a more traditional experience with added amenities.
(Images courtesy of Crystal from Under Canvas)
One of things that sets our Destinations apart, is that we will offer over 9 hours of shooting!  You will walk away with countless images and memories to last a lifetime!
Each photographer is able to submit their favorite images to Senior Style Guide’s new all genre, sister Magazine Publication, Modern Capture (launching in January 2018), and will receive several double page spreads of their work published in print!  Talk about the icing on the cake which gives you some major bragging rights and street cred with your potential clients!
Some photographers choose to travel solo and room up with another photographer and others love to bring their significant other or entire family along and make a full vacation out of the trip!  As a previous Alumni said, “SSG + BDP Destination Adventure was the absolute best family vacation, boost for my business and tax write off I’ve ever experienced!”
Once you are registered, you’ll be added to a private FB group where all of the planning, logistics and details will take place with your soon-to-be new best friends and travel buddies!  If you love adventure, exploring uncharted territories, capturing true beauty, and pushing yourself artistically, then this experience is for you, my dear!
Seats are very limited and all of our previous Destinations have SOLD OUT in just ONE DAY.  To be added to a private group to learn more information this week before registration opens on Monday October 30th at 11 am eastern, contact Vickie Black.  Friday I will be posting full details of airports, etc on the blog!
We look forward to sharing this adventure with you!
Vickie + Brooke